Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the road ahead

i had an emotionally draining day yesterday for several reasons, none of which were bad. the mock code that i was stressing over yesterday ended up going well, and it was a decent inpatient day. other nonbloggable things happened too (believe it or not, not everything is suitable for publication . . .) and i ended up tired and cranky by the time i passed out at 9:15 pm.

but today is a new day. and there is a lot to look forward to, as well as plenty to be thankful for.

10 upcoming things i am excited about
1. josh emerging from the abyss of night float

2. starting my next elective month. later mornings are just around the corner!

3. the SS10 collection at orla kiely

sneak preview from the website

4. getting to see susan (i think!?) this weekend!

5. having my hair straightened on saturday (i held out for 5 months this time and it NEEDS IT!)

6. SPRING, part 1: running outside in non-frigid temps

7. SPRING, part 2: longer days!

8. SPRING, part 3: the ability to wear dresses to work without the muss & fuss of tights and layering (i really am excited about this)

9. half marathon in march! a rare local event (i'm so used to having to drive a couple of hours for long races!). as i expected, the race is now sold out. i'm glad i signed up early.

10. today. because: why not?



workout: 5 mile progression run. i did this on one of the 'hard' treadmills -- i need to test this theory out with my foot pod like jenny suggested! i began at 9:13/mi pace (0.5% incline) and accelerated each mile until i finished the last at 8:41/mi.

in the kitchen: lefffffftovers. and oh my god, despite the fact that i didn't do my usual grocery shopping this week, our fridge is SO full of stuff, between the bella beans delivery, v-day leftovers and the fact that josh seems to be consuming 95% of his meals at work. i may have to go to desperate measures (bring a cheese plate to work? perhaps!) to use things up before they go bad.

reading: none -- but this felt okay. i was really, really tired.


  1. I so so so want spring to be here, too.

    Those schedule calendars you post... are those something you're given or something you make yourself? I never really have any idea what they mean. Would it be a pain to explain them?

  2. Ever try running barefoot on the treadmill? See

    L, da

  3. I second Spring, Parts 1-3, with the exception of having to layer dresses...tights with skirts/dresses are (or used to be, before I could wear my pajamas all day) one of my favorite fashion combos!

  4. Anonymous9:56 AM

    sorry yesterday was such a tough day! but it sounds like there's lots of exciting stuff coming up for you. push through :)

  5. Garance got her hair straigtened-- and naturally when I think of Garance, I immediately think of you ;)

  6. Local running events are so convenient and awesome that it would be wrong not to do them!

  7. I had no idea you get your hair straigtened! So do you really have tight ringlet curls? Wish I was doing the Tobacco half marathon as well!

  8. So many exciting events ahead! Can't wait to read all about them!
    PS I had no idea you had your hair straightened either!