Tuesday, February 09, 2010

i've gotta feeling . . .

working the transition
i'm still basking in the glow of DAYTIME. at the same time, yesterday brought me back to the reality that it's still pretty tiring to work a 10+ hour day! i was thisclose to bailing on my workout yesterday, but decided to change my mindset a little bit and think of it as a relaxing way to get the kinks out of my running-fatigued limbs (and catch up on a little trashy-magazine reading). this worked, and i was glad i went.

tonight, though, promises some relaxation of a different sort. my night float buddy a (we were on alternating nights and left little notes and presents for each other -- definitely one of the things that got me through!) and i are celebrating our evening freedom with a little bit of this . . .

[image from yoga journal]

and a little of this.


in that order, of course. i'm already psyched!

Q&A: edible illusion?
another anonymous portal question that surprised me! here it comes:

"i've always wondered . . . Do you only eat what you show on the plate when you take a food picture, or do you prepare a photogenic plate and have seconds later? Your meals look so tiny for someone who runs + has an active job."

this one came as a surprise because compared to a lot of healthy food bloggers out there, i think i eat a lot! i also don't tend to make super-light entrées all the time like many 'healthy lifestyle' bloggers do (what can i say, i love real cheese).

so: the answer to the above question is that no, i don't tend to eat more than pictured for dinner (josh is another story, however). i do eat something sweet after dinner pretty much every night, whether in the form of chocolate, ice cream/fro-yo, or other baked good. enjoying dessert is just something i was brought up with and i don't think i'll ever want to let it go! i'm also a snacker and NEVER (ever) make it from lunch to dinner without some kind of fuel.

in answering this question, i also started thinking about photo angles and how it really is hard to gauge portion size based on pictures of food. for example, doesn't this:

look like less than this?

super-easy recipe for goat-cheese and hazelnut-encrusted chicken courtesy of KERF, by the way



workout: 45 minutes elliptical, levels 9-12

reading: and teaching!!! YES i got in both of these yesterday -- i spent some time teaching our med student + intern some off-the-cuff stuff about RSV, and did 8 PREP questions (+ answer-studying) after work.


  1. Anonymous7:49 AM

    i agree that angle is everything. that second picture looks like sooo much more than the first.

    enjoy your night of freedom!

  2. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Definitely true that the way you take a picture makes a huge difference. Although, I don't think anyone has ever commented that I eat too little! I think I eat a big plate of food no matter the angle!

    Yay for working in the daytime! Jason works overnights sometimes so I feel your pain. Or rather, I feel your pain through him.

  3. I don't think your portions ever look small - especially compared to other bloggers!

  4. Those pictures definitely look like different portion sizes!!

  5. Agreed. That looks like a lot more chicken in the second picture.

    Enjoy your relaxing evening.

  6. So glad I'm not the only one who eats dessert!

  7. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I have been thinking the same so many times - your meals are tiny!

  8. atilla11:19 PM

    u r such a photo guru

  9. I can't believe that's my recipe! I need to make that again!