Sunday, February 28, 2010

facts of life

you take the good, you take the bad . . .

please tell me i'm not the only one out there old enough to remember this show! my favorite was tootie, although i had also thought jo was pretty cool. anyway. it's been quite a mixed bag over here over the last 48 hours . . .

i survived my NICU shift, earning the aforementioned camera (which has now been ordered and should be on its way!)

i came down with some kind of cold mid-day and spent most of the shift in pure survival mode

rhinovirus, as depicted by giantmicrobes

i had some sudafed with me! (the real kind, not the phenylephrine pictured)

i felt HORRRRIBLE upon arriving home

i feel 10,000 times better now after sleeping for about 15 hours!

i missed hanging out with jessica, diana, allie, caroline, lacey and margaret at guglhupf last night!

but, many of us will be getting together soon again next weekend.

none of the babies needed intubating last night! i'm talking ZERO opportunities.

great for the babies!

bad for me.

fact or fiction?
the lovely meg gave me this award several days ago -- catching up on her blog, i just noticed it today!

in addition to acknowledging this honor (thank you meg!), i am supposed to write down 7 'creative' facts about myself: actually, 6 outrageous lies and 1 truth.

here goes:

1. i own over 500 CDs, and they are meticulously organized and catalogued

2. i bought my wedding dress for $3000 but made it all back by selling it on ebay

3. i once starred as audrey in little shop of horrors

4. i was born with a tiny extra digit on my left hand. it was removed and luckily, i was left without any obvious scar.

5. i got my drivers license ON my 16th birthday.

6. i learned to bake bread from my mom, who once owned a bakery specializing in healthy whole wheat and rustic sourdough loaves

7. i broke my arm skiing in 9th grade.

which one is true? GUESS away . . . i hope i made it at least somewhat challenging!

and now, my nominees for this award:



run sarah




and anyone else who would like to play, of course!!

happy sunday!


  1. Glad to hear your feeling better today. We really did miss you last night!

    Your creative facts are really tough...I'll go with the last one.

  2. Anonymous12:39 PM

    I think you own 500 cds. I know you like music and you like organizing things.

    I think I am two years older than you. I defintely remember that show. I wanted to be Jo.

  3. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Sounds like a brutal shift, but worth it for the camera! Thanks so much for the award - I'll have to fill out my lies and a truth creatively!

  4. I know, but I won't tell!!

  5. You sold the dress on EBAY??? That completely rocks.
    And sleep deprivation is the number one method used to torture people...hmmmmm, guess that sums up residency, right?

  6. Anonymous1:57 PM

    i'd believe the cd one. i feel like youve said before that you try to actually buy albums rather than download and that you try to seek out new music a lot(but i could be making that up)

    glad that you feel better. sometimes a good night (or 15 hours haha) is what we need to recharge.

    and i totally know that show. i think i'm too young to have watched it when it originally aired but i've definitely seen re-runs!

  7. hmmm. I'm going with the extra finger.

    Glad you survived the NICU. It will totally be worth it when you get your new camera! Did I tell you that you inspired me to pick up a little side job to fund my "new bike fund"?

  8. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Glad you are over the 24-hr crud. Thanks as always for taking the time to blog...I know we readers benefit greatly from the long and short of your posts.

    I see you as a natural to embrace (I read about it in the NY Times Sunday Lifestyles section) Love to hear your "review" of the concept/project idea. All the best.

  9. If it makes you feel any better, I've done a month of NICU and have yet to do any lines...NONE, ZERO, ZIP!!!! All my babies needed them the morning AFTER my call, meaning I couldn't do them. I suppose I'll have more chances! Glad you're feeling better!

    I think I'll go with the CD one (but I love the thought of being Audrey in LSOH!!! "Shuah!"). :-)

  10. Thanks for the nom! I think #1 is right! Now I have to think up some tall tales :)

  11. I think #1 is true, or maybe you just wish it was. ;)

  12. Anonymous10:33 PM

    LOVE the Facts of Life! I may or may not have the theme song on my iPod...
    Missed you on Saturday, but I hope you are fully recovered soon!

  13. Nope, not challenging at all-- though you almost had me with the finger story ;)

  14. hey sweetie! sorry im late commenting on this, but thank you so much for picking me!!! awww :) *hugs*