Thursday, January 07, 2010

time is finite

i forgot
[hey, now i kind of want a swatch!]

. . . exactly how little time is left over when you:

get up before 5 to fit in an AM workout
work 8 to 6ish
add in daily reading/studying
need to get to bed by 9:30 to get enough sleep

i'm just working fairly regular, normal hours right now, and i'm humbled by how much of a challenge it is to get everything in! even with zero TV, fairly minimal blog-reading (yes, seriously), and absolutely NO time -- quality or otherwise -- with my husband (he's on nights! it sucks!), this week has felt pretty busy and just filled-up. i'm not complaining at all (except about the josh-on-nights part); actually, it's quite a decent schedule, and it has been pretty enjoyable to get back of the swing of things.

i am starting to realize though that maybe i was a little ambitious with my dreams of doing lots of yoga, reading for fun, and taking spanish classes. but, i am determined to find ways to fit these things in, even if it's not in a BIG way.

for example: today, as soon as i hit 'post' i will hit up the mat for 30 minutes of AM yoga. not QUITE the same as the studio clases that i'd like to aim for eventually, but i'll take what i can get.

blogfriends before it was . . . normal
i feel like it's pretty standard now -- at least in the circles i run in -- to meet people via blogs and online sites, and actually become friends even before meeting in real life. 7 years ago, this just wasn't typical. but it sort of happened anyway!

c and i met at MD/PhD interviews back in 2001-2002. we met up in pittsburgh and chicago, flying around the country to various medical schools in the midst of post-9/11 frenzy. she went to wellesley, and we had a lot in common: small school origins, petite size, and lower level of social awkwardness compared to the average MD/PhD applicant (as you might guess, that isn't saying much).

i thought that if we wound up at the same place that we would be great friends, probably hanging out ALL the time. in the end, though, she ended up at a great school in the midwest while i went to duke, and she finished her program while i quit (right decision for me, btw).

we didn't stay in close touch as we started our respective programs -- things got busy, of course, and it's not like we knew each other THAT well! but then -- well, then we got blogs. i had ghost world, she had doctorsquared (now gone, sadly!), and we were regular commenters on each other's sites for years. it was great to hear about her experiences as she made her way through a parallel (but colder) academic science path (well, parallel until i quit. you know).

fast forward to now, and she's coming to interview for residency at OUR pediatrics program! i am super excited to be her host for the weekend. i can't wait to show her around, and catch up IN PERSON after so many years of keeping up virtually. maybe this time i can lure her here and we could wind up in the same place after all! i will definitely do my best :)

i guess i shouldn't complain that sigg finally made good on their promise and sent me not one, but TWO replacement bottles. but 2 days after i place my klean canteen order? that's just not fair.

not sure how i feel about these patterns, anyway



workout: 5 miles IN THE FRIGID COLD! yes, i did it. and it wasn't THAT bad, although my face felt pretty numb by the end. average 8:16/mi -- i was booking it because i was trying to warm up! this was supposed to be a hill run, so i just did a somewhat hillier route (siobhan, i ran around your old apt complex . . . and missed you!!)

lazy in the kitch: i just didn't feel like following any sort of recipe yesterday! luckily, splendid table's salad-in-a-bowl was just as wishy-washy (ie, the idea was basically: put any salad and dressing ingredients in a bowl, and ENJOY!).

with pacific red-lentil soup and a toasted homemade millet muffin

you might have noticed (or, probably not) that this week has been vegetarian so far. i didn't do that on purpose, interestingly.

reading: a pediatrics overview on contraception. fun fact: in 2004, 41% of pregnancies were to women aged 15-19. this just makes me feel old.


  1. Crazy statistic. Is that 41% of all pregnancies or 41% of delivered pregnancies? So maybe you're old for getting pregnant but not for having a baby (at least that's what I tell myself, haha).

    What plan are you using for your 1/2 marathon training? Is that a FIRST plan again?

  2. chelsea: i'm using an adapted form of a plan from this month's womens running mag. it's sort of similar to FIRST, though.

    and that's pregnancies, not delivered babies. termination/miscarriage rates are higher in teens, so it does adjust the #s a little. but still -- i thought it was IMPRESSIVE!

  3. I hear you on the lack of time and how hard it is to fit everything in. There is just so much fun to do in life!BUt I have to add- just WAIT until you have children to add to the mix too. I thought I had little time before, haha!

  4. I'm so excited to see you tonight (after EIGHT years, almost exactly...) Hopefully the weather here cooperates enough for me to get there, it's snowing up a storm right now... :(

  5. Anonymous9:02 AM

    ugh there totally aren't enough hours in the say for everything! and i hate it when my face freezes and then goes numb because trying to talk when youre done just isn't going to happen because your face doesn't move. i've always thought that was what botox would feel like haha

  6. Hey! Tell drsquared I miss the blog, but wish her the best! Hope you ladies have a fabulous time. PS I think the SIGG bottles are really cute! Sophie got her own SIGG lidded bottle (her dolphin bottle, as she calls it), and the two of your with your SIGG bottles may finally inspire me to get my own...

  7. Wow, that's an interesting statistic. It's for US pregnancies? I'm sorry, but that's wayyyyy too young to have a baby.

  8. I'll never buy a Sigg now!

  9. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Totally feel your call and just finished lunch, somehow want to fit in a nap, possibly a run (may do easier workout, but its actually not rainy here for once), dinner, read 20 pgs of NMS, shower, and then sleep...sighs!

  10. Anonymous7:41 PM

    shocking statistic

  11. atilla7:42 PM

    sorry for that anonymous comment that was me

  12. Wow. That's so great that you are finally meeting someone you've been in contact over the internet for so long! I'll bet you guys are gonna hit it right off!

    And yeah....time is...just...SO fast. And so little. I always wonder why God gave us only 24 hours in a day. Or why the hell do we have to sleep?

  13. jenny: omg, i can't even imagine! you are going to have to help me through it :)

    re: pregnancy stat: it's from this pediatrics article (free to download if you're interested!). i think the stat refers to national data b/c it's a cdc national statistics paper that they are referring to.

    bridgette: send me your address . . . i might make your sigg dream come true :)

    carrie: YES i agree.

    sarah: aww, NMS! i forgot about NMS.

    sophia: i don't know, but we must be built like this for a reason.

  14. Pretty watch! I can related to the busy schedule this week :(

    8:15 is oh-so-awesome!