Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow day!

for some of us
local bloggers allie, meg, and jessica certainly seem to be enjoying themselves in the winter wonderland we have outside. i can't say that i am the LEAST bit pleased about it, because

i had to drive home in it

i have to drive back in it tomorrow afternoon

i get emails that look like this:

all right, i guess it's sort of gratifying in a way to be considered 'essential' and i appreciate that our safety is emphasized, but i didn't like the part about how we're "adults" now and therefore do not get a snow day. plenty of adults are getting snow days this weekend!

not to mention, plenty of normal people don't have to work the weekends in the first place. just sayin'.

maybe i'm just in a bit of a funk because the busy overnights are starting to catch up with me (yes, already). i don't feel great right now, and i'm not sure i'd be able to make it to the gym for my usual mood-lifter even if it wasn't shuttered tight due to the storm.

i'm also wondering about the fate of my long run for tomorrow. i'll just have to take solace in the fact that if anthro is selling this top . . .

and this dress . . .

then spring can't be that far away.

stay warm and safe, NC-ers!!!


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    stay safe!! but at least you have lived in the northeast so you'll be able to survive this "dusting" hahah :) but i'm worried about other drivers: so be careful and take care.

    and i love that red dress. like maybe a bit too much. :)

  2. Geez what an odd comment to get in an official email! Safe travels Sarah!!!! I hope you feel better and work isn't too crazy.

  3. marathon: that's what i kept telling myself as i drove my little vw down the snowy roads :)

    allie: well, it wasn't SUPER official (just from our chiefs) but i still found it a little annoying!

  4. Waving to say HELLO!! Sounds like we're both busy bees these days :)

  5. Love that dress!!! I hate that we're still expected to work when it snows :( If only "work" got delayed and cancelled like school!

  6. Stay safe out there. I absolutely hate driving in snowy weather... you can't see the lanes.. people are stuck.. you can't really control your car... But hopefully they will do a good job salting and plowing so it won't be too much of a nightmare.

    +1 to loving that dress. So so so cute. I wish it would be warm enough to wear it before June.

  7. Oh man, LOVE that dress! Good thing it's way out of my price range, otherwise I might have snagged it!