Sunday, January 03, 2010

balls 'n' buns

i ♥ staycation, part 2
the beauty of the staycation is that you don't have to go anywhere, but still get to do things that would normally be poo-pooed due to their impracticality, time commitment, or silliness. things like baking a batch of cinnamon buns from scratch on a saturday JUST because you saw some on diana's blog and were jealous inspired.

i mean, so what if martha's recipe called for not one, but TWO 75-minute rises? i had the time and it was fun. i even managed to squeeze a gym trip during rise #1 (tip from my mom: need a pause/slow-mo button for your rising time? just pop the dough into the fridge. ahhh, the science of baking!)

check out the magic DOUGH! i couldn't believe how much it grew!

topped with gooey glaze like a cinnamon bun should be

mid-afternoon snack. i'm glad i didn't make any resolutions that would preclude eating this!

close-up of the spiral cuteness

i was skeptical when one of our friends asked us out to go on a double date for pizza and . . . bowling. it is probably not a surprise to anyone that i SUCK at bowling (just like any other sport involving a ball). i wasn't even sure which hand to use at first! but it turned out to be such a good time, and rather hilarious because of the XTREME factor. apparently, in durham XTREME means glow-in-the-dark shoes and big video screens playing "the electric slide" and "baby got back" intermingled with current rihanna and jay-z hits.

of course, we had to take some pictures.

setting the scene. the neon orange stitching was glowing!

we took some official "bowling league" snapshots

oh, this was ALMOST a good picture!

as you can see, we are SKILLED. actually, during the second round josh bowled a 126! i was impressed.

anyway, XTREME bowling was XTREMELY fun and i would do it again. i'm inspired to take on more creative and interesting dates and outings this year. XTREME mini-golf? XTREME settlers of catan? maybe next time.

on the horizon
we're moving. not in real life -- i mean the blog!! and yes, this time i am serious. my beloved college roommate and friend azusa has been working hard to design a new header, and as soon as that's ready i will be moving this behemoth -- archives and all, hopefully -- to a new url.

i'm not going to lie -- it makes me anxious! see, look at this:

this statcounter graph depicts the growth of ghost world over the past 2 years. don't be too impressed -- the numbers are still tiny overall. but i have to admit it is totally exciting to be picking up readers!

i know that a more appropriate title and url will be a positive change for this site. but in a way, it means starting from scratch. and the end of an era. lostandallalone no more! okay, i'm all misty-eyed here. time to move on.

cooking project 2010. as i wrote about yesterday, it was a lot of fun cooking through an entire volume of martha, but at times i felt a bit constrained (and admittedly, i got a bit tired towards the end). this year, i'd like to be a little more free with my cooking endeavors! i greatly missed being able to randomly choose recipes that caught my fancy in cooking magazines (cooking light and clean eating being my faves), blogs, and all of the pretty and interesting cookbooks on my shelf.

as i wrote in my meal planning guest post on carrots 'n' cake, i still need to go into each week with a clear plan, and shop ahead of time -- this is just a necessity with my schedule! this year, though, i will pick one cookbook or theme to focus on each month, and make 1-2 recipes per week out of that. i think this plan will allow me to explore the books and other resources that i have, while leaving plenty of room to experiment with other recipes as they catch my eye.

january's selection will be this gem:

a birthday gift from my parents last year, but basically left untouched due to MARTHA!

i'm looking forward to diving in!

marks the last day of staycation. i was going to write "all good things must come to an end", but realized that going back to work isn't actually a bad thing, and to frame it that way is counterproductive and very un-mindful.

today will be a leisurely prep day -- getting everything ready so that tomorrow is a smooth transition back to normalcy.

to do:
☑ laundry!
☑ meal planning & grocery list
☑ whole foods/TJs run
☑ 30 minutes (or more) studying
☑ long run




workout: 45 minutes elliptical + weights
- 2 x 11 pushups
- 2 x 12 squats with ball, 10 lb weights
- 2 x 10 assisted pullups (50 lbs assist for 6, 60 lbs assist for 4 each time)
- 2 x 12 walking double lunges, 8 lb weights
- 2 x 10 tricep push-downs, 15 lbs
- 2 x 12 seated rows, 40 lbs
plus, hefting a (6 lb . . . yeah i know) bowling ball

reading: 30 minutes before heading on our XTREME adventure! fun fact of the day: other than growth restriction and increased risk of preterm delivery, birth defects due to use of cocaine during pregnancy are not well-defined, particularly since cocaine users tend to be polysubstance abusers. however, it is thought to cause problems of vascular disruption due to its vasoconstrictive effects, such as limb reduction defects. neither marijuana nor methamphetamine (!) have any known associated birth defects. (uh . . . i still wouldn't recommend either!)


  1. Anonymous9:37 AM

    I love bowling! I always try to get my friends to go and get a bunch of weird looks.

    Send some buns over my way; they look delicious.

    And, the temperature 5 hours south of you in Atlanta is a whopping 18.

  2. i haven't actually gone bowling in year.. since we got the wii a few years ago we tend to just play that, but you're right, it's so much fun!!

    Your cina buns looks SO GOOD! Your post reminds me I haven't made any of those in a while!

  3. your cinnamon rolls look great and bowling looks like fun!

    can't wait to see your new blog!!

    :) Diana

  4. Did you and Josh semi-match at bowling on purpose? Go striped shirts! It's a good day if I breka 100 in a bowling game, so I feel you there. :)

    "Going back to work isn't a bad thing"...speak for yourself!! haha.

  5. I so admire your cooking projects. I'm focusing on the magazines I subscribe to (Food, Rachael Ray, Cooking Light, Clean Eating) and trying to structure my meals around what they teach me. I'm so bad at just looking at their pretty glossy pages and putting them on a shelf. I'm going to start using them!

    And I really stink at bowling in real life. But on the Wii? I'm a superstar. Such an ego booster.

    Happy New Year!

  6. I adore your blog and can't believe I have not commented before. I love how you manage to make time for things that are important to you regardless of your busy work schedule. As someone who also has a crazy work schedule reading your blog helps me put things in perspective and remember that with careful planning I can do a lot more than I think I can.

    This is also my last day of my staycation and I think I am ready to go back to work after being more than a bit burnt out before Christmas.

    Keep blogging and I cannot wait to see your new site.


  7. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Your fun fact of the day got me thinking about alcohol during pregnancy. Every fiber of my being tells me that it's basically poison to my unborn baby, that's all I've heard all my life. But over the holidays I was told by more than one woman that their doctors said a 4 oz. glass of wine on occasion would be fine.
    What are your thoughts?

  8. Anonymous11:31 AM

    anonymous: i don't know -- i'd have to ask one of my o.b. colleagues what their thoughts are! i would guess that an occasional 4 oz probably wouldn't do much, but i probably wouldn't imbibe, personally. i mean, if something DID happen, then i'd feel all guilty and it would just complicate matters.

    i've heard that when you are visibly pregnant, people tend to give a lot of unsolicited medical advice, "don't run" or "do run" or "don't eat this" etc . . . i'm not sure i'm going to be very into that! hopefully it has been a peaceful and healthy pregnancy for you without too much meddling from the outside!

  9. Anonymous11:35 AM

    lee: if you are ever in NC we should go!

    kim: maybe i'd be better at the wii version :)

    diana: thanks!

    susan: HA, NO!!! we do that ALL the time though, it's borderline disgusting.

    krissie: hi! and thank you!

    cyn marie: aww thank you so much for your comment! i'm sure i'll be doing . . . LESS of all the fun stuff when i get busier, but i am glad i was able to cling to the things i love throughout residency.

  10. Anonymous1:23 PM

    I am an absolute mess when it comes to sports with balls as well...way too clumsy! On our honeymoon in Hawaii we tried 3d, glow in the dark mini if mini golf isn't difficult enough to begin with!

    Those cinnamon buns look ridiculously good. Today is my last staycation day too...I must get back into a regular sleeping/eating schedule.

  11. Anonymous2:41 PM

    oh man i am awful at bowling. but i have friends that are even worse so i never can get too down on myself ;)

    those cinnabuns looks fabulous and wayyy professional :)

  12. Anonymous11:04 PM

    My hairdresser was telling me about a pregnant client of hers who was drinking a steamed milk from Starbucks and a lady went off on her so bad for having "coffee" that she started to cry. Can you believe that? I'm like you...I DARE anyone to start telling me how to live my life! So far it's been fine but I'm only 14 wks and not showing...
    And I totally agree with you on the drinking thing. You want to know you did everything possible to have a healthy baby.

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