Saturday, November 21, 2009

writing race

quick post
before we take to the skies on our bi-family pilgrimage north-and-then-south! and i really do need to make this quick. i don't know if you can tell by reading, but i am NOT a fast blogger. some mornings i spend upwards of an hour (or even more) writing, editing, and adding links/pictures to my posts.

i NEED to start doing some of the time-saving things i learned about at the HLS, but that would only help with the last part. are others this slow? good thing i love doing this, because it's the probably the lowest paid "job" i've ever had!

vacation planning
i tend to HOARD notebooks. as in, i'll buy one but just admire it sitting prettily on my shelf for upwards of years. i've had this very cute (and functional!) orla kiely travel notebook for at least that long now, and i finally decided that i might as well put it to use! after all, if i don't USE UP the stationery i have, i don't get to buy more . . .

back when we went to sonoma, CA in may, i decided to be a big nerd and plan out my outfits for each day before packing accordingly. it ended up helping a GREAT deal! i actually tend to be a terrible packer, bringing too much of some things but not enough of others. planning things out day by day takes away the stress of 'what do i wear?' and allows me to be a more fashionable vacationer.

i mean, since i have to go around in scrubs half the time, i feel like i should clean up for the rest of my life. when else am i going to get to strut around in my fashion finds??

so i decided to go plan-crazy and do day-by-day planning once again.

here's the little car-print travel journal:

it even comes with stickers!

i think orla would approve of my use of this little book:

once i made my list, i made sure to pack backwards -- ie, the stuff for the end of the week goes on the bottom of the suitcase, and the outfits for the beginning go on top! i also packed a separate back of running gear -- challenging since i need to have warmth for philadelphia and summery stuff for FL. i think i'm equipped for temps from 30 - 90 on this trip!

as promised
ahh, see, i'm 18 minutes into this post already! so i'll just get to my point. remember this post? i was debating between 3 pretty dresses for the holiday season. instead of ordering blindly which only works out sometimes, i headed to the actual anthro store (it's only 10-15 minutes away!).

i tried on the garnet glow dress, but didn't like how the horizontal stiching fell against me on the top part of the dress. i couldn't even remember the spirited away dress, which was an indication to me NOT to get it.

so that left the hollyhock. there are some harsh reviews of this dress online, but i think this little number looks great on me!

i am so excited to wear it to upcoming holiday events, and i think it would wear well into the spring, too! plus, josh likes it, which is important (sometimes i am surprised by what he does and does not approve of!).

so there you have it. finally -- the toothpick jeans story: basically, i ordered these jeans only to return them and then BUY THEM BACK the same day!

i have embraced the skinny jeans look and i LOVE my black skinnies from martin and osa. i kept admiring the toothpicks on gingersnap, a cute and very well-put-together fashion blogger who is about my size. so i bought them!

they LOOK good. but they are not the most comfortable! i was a bit self-conscious in them and worried that the fit was not quite right, so i brought them back to the store thinking i might exchange them for one size up. i actually DID go to the register and return them!

but i tried on both sizes, and the saleswoman convinced me that

a) the original size looked best and fit me the way the jeans are supposed to fit
b) i am not too old to wear tight jeans
c) they tend to stretch out with wear anyway

so i re-bought them. and i plan on wearing them. i think.

27 minutes
a new blogging record? and yet i haven't done any editing yet, so there will probably be a few added onto that. hopefully this post won't be too riddled with errors due to rushing!

HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!! woohooo!


  1. I hope you made your flight! I'm pretty sure you and I were the only ones awake at 5 in the am in Chapel Hill!! can't wait to see pics in the dress! it looks so cute!

  2. See you soon!! Can't wait!!

  3. Anonymous8:52 AM

    have a safe flight! those jeans look really cute and nice choice on the dress. :)

  4. I definitely spend way too long working on my posts, and my aren't even that detailed! I guess once you post three times per day for over a year, you get pretty good at sharing your meals. (In reference to food bloggers, of course!)

    I think we're heading out to NJ after lunch-ish on Sunday so we can lay on the couch and nap/watch football. Let me know if you're around earlier in the day! I think you have my number?

  5. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I often write my posts in Word at work and then email them to myself. Then I edit them and add links and pictures when I get home.

    I read Gingersnap too. I have a small obsession with blogs about J. Crew clothing even though I really don't own more than 1 or 2 things from there.

    Have a great trip.

  6. Oh yes, I love notebooks too . . . I don't know if I should tell you this (feeding the obsession!) but there are some really cute little notebooks at Old Navy right now for only $2.50!!!!
    Have a great trip :)

  7. atilla7:08 PM

    can't wait to see you

  8. It takes me a while to write posts too--I am usually pretty satisfied with myself if I can get it done in under 45 minutes! 27 minutes is admirable.
    Love the notebook--I am a sucker for stickers. Love your handwriting too:)
    Hope you had a safe flight...kinda bummed I didn't see you at the airport this morning!