Sunday, October 04, 2009

mainely magnificent

jet blue, take 2

maine from above

i've come full circle and am blogging from my favorite terminal yet again! this time, i managed to keep my muji spending to a minimum (vickie, your pens will arrive shortly!). i can't believe this week is over -- i feel like it went by SO quickly, yet i've done SO much! work is going to be a rude awakening tomorrow. but yesterday's events deserve a full recap before i start singing the back-to-the-hospital blues.

but first, a note regarding purple
that is, a quick defense of my alma mater, williams college. marathonmaiden, judging from your comment, it sounds like your sister isn't having the best time -- i hope things get better for her! there were definitely some cliques and some snobbiness that wasn't my scene. i wasn't on a sports team, so maybe i didn't fit the typical williams prototype. however, that was true of so many others that it didn't matter. i met so many amazing people during my years there.

i tended to hang out among an artsier crowd (a capella + theater), and also with those who took their studies very seriously -- miss emily of MB fame was valedictorian of our class! along with traditional booksmarts, i found people that were fascinating and fun in other ways. the academics were truly top-notch: so much personal attention and professors who REALLY did care about teaching. finally, the idyllic mountain setting won me over, although admittedly the winters got a little OLD after a while (hence my migration south after graduation).

i may have ditched the snow, but i got so much out of my time at williams. it was there that i discovered the field of endocrinology, and college was definitely the first time i ever really studied hard and learned how to hunker down and WORK (in fact, i wish i had some of my college-era discipline back sometimes). maybe even more importantly, i made wonderful friends that i know will last for a lifetime. maybe i've got rose (or purple?)-colored glasses on, but i have so many amazing memories of my years at that place! i would choose it again in a heartbeat.

the rain in maine . . .
okay, back to yesterday. SO, running in the rain -- oh. my. god. wow.

despite downing a manhattan of mammoth proportions on friday night, emily and i had planned a morning long run on saturday, and this was NOT something i would have reneged on. so we headed out at 9 am to run all over portland . . . in driving rain.

i've run when it was sprinkling before, but never in a full-out new england squall. one mile into our journey, we were both drenched. i spent the next 12 carrying around what felt like at least 10 pounds of water soaked into to my running jacket, capri pants, and squeegee-like shoes. at some points, i wished for windshield wipers on my contact lenses! but emily is a BADASS and seemed completely unphased by the tempest swirling around us.

13.2 miles went by in 1:55, for an average 8:43 pace. AMAZING considering the conditions! and then emily (as i said, badass) headed out for 5 more!

i wish i had a picture to capture the truly drowned rats we were by the end. you will just have to use your imagination . . . emily: thank you for inspiring me to see this adventurous journey to its finish! i wouldn't have made it without you.

lobster time!
after that, it was LOBSTER TIME! san franciscan nicole had a hankering for a lobster roll, and the portland lobster company was an excellent post-run-in-a-deluge choice.

they had little light-up, vibrating lobsters to signal that your order was ready! azusa wanted to chomp hers:

classic maine lobster roll! i actually had lobster stew, but this photogenic sandwich just wanted its picture taken:

emily and her fiance andrew enjoyed their well-earned eats (andrew ran those last 5 miles with emily out in the rain! what a keeper!)

and then it was wedding time

gorgeous lighthouse at cape elizabeth

accordian players -- so romantic! and a cake that was pure fall fabulousness

an artistic shot of azusa's well-adorned feet

after their vows, there was not a dry eye in the house

cutting the cake! isn't aimée's j. crew dress TO DIE FOR?

lovely ladies!!! and as you can see, i went with the rainbow, as planned.

after our photo session, we headed to the reception at evangeline (of recent new york times fame!)

we enjoyed a 5-course extravaganza that was absolute perfection, with plenty of champagne and wine to wash it down. my favorites were the scallops:

and the bacon-wrapped clabber-fed chicken.

afterwards, we hit the dance floor -- with a vengeance. vickie even found her favorite beverage:

and we finished with a lineup of shots at the bar, still dancing away while a dramatic thunderstorm pounded outside

it was a fantastic finale to a crazy whirlwind week - the only thing missing from the wedding weekend was josh. we texted pictures and messages back and forth, though, and i am super-excited to meet him at the airport this afternoon. i think i may need a week to recover from this week's festivities -- detox, perhaps? in any case, it was all worth it. hooray for vacation!


  1. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Looks like a fun weekend. 13 miles in the rain is pretty hardcore!!

  2. Anonymous4:37 PM

    i really didn't mean that to come off mean as i'm sure that there are plenty of nice people there! and she's having a ball there. however, she truly is a bit stick up and elitist person. so maybe the reason i have that stereotype is because all the people i've met there are her friends who are exactly like her? and i just have that bias? totally unfair to all the other people who go there who don't fit that bill!

    running in the rain does = very hardcore! looks like the wedding was a blast and there was lots of fun to be had and i like the dress you ended up wearing

  3. Hannah4:52 PM

    Oh so jealous. I love Maine. Everything about it.

    Looks like you had a wonderful vacation and weekend, I'm glad you had so much fun with your college friends, I hope I can stay in touch with my college friends after I graduate like you!

  4. what a wonderful week sarah!! you did so much in 7 short days. that is badass to the core (and of course the rain - isn't it an awesome feeling though to get past the wetness and to just enjoy being outside for all it is?) have fun reuniting with josh and best wishes for your next rotation.

  5. So so jealous of your friend-group! The rainbow dress looks perfect on you. Ahhhh so many fun adventures during your vacation time!!

  6. atilla11:15 PM

    back home too enjoyed catching up on your blog what does clabber fed mean?

  7. the weekend was the best! i'm still recovering.

  8. love the rainbow dress! so pretty!

  9. thanks for the wedding recap-- now I don't have to do one!!