Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the future of ghost world

lostandallalone no more?
this blog is about to turn 5, which is about 50 in blog years. which means that:

a) i'm old


b) i must really like doing this.

i have been flirting with the idea of a name change for quite some time now, and i think that the 5 year milestone might be the right time. when i started typing away on blogspot (out of boredom . . . and maybe i felt a little bit lost and all alone as well) nearly 5 years ago, i had no idea that the moniker that i randomly pulled out of thin air while sulking away at my laptop in lumberton, NC would stick with me for the next half decade.

obviously, a lot has changed since then, and this site has evolved as well. i am still not 100% decided on what i might want to rename it -- it's a lot of pressure knowing that the next edition is likely to stick around for another 5! but i would like some input on whether you think i should change it or not. after all, you all -- the readers! -- are the ones who would have to make the effort to change your bookmark/reader, and i would be really sad if i lost a lot of you to these inconveniences. you are a huge part of what makes this fun for me, and i appreciate every comment i get (yes, even the harsh ones sometimes)!

so please cast your vote and help me decide.

pumping it up
speaking of sulking, i was a bit of a mess yesterday. clinic sucked the life out of me for various reasons, and i am sad to say that i handled it with essentially zero mindfulness or grace. but it's over; i survived, and all i can do is re-align myself this morning and try to do better. because CALL #6 is here, like it or not.

i did manage to eke out a good teaching session with my students and intern before heading out -- and i think they really were engaged and into it. i made up a fake case an used it as an opportunity to go over blood gases, lab results, and basically step-by-step thinking about how to evaluate a sick baby in the ER (since i've had to do it plenty of times!). i did pimp but was very low-pressure about it -- maybe even a little too nice, just giving the answers away if there was enough silence. next time i think i'll throw out the "look that up and teach me later" trick that you readers mentioned -- thank you for all the tips!



workout: 5 miles easy in the AM. i need to recalibrate my polar because i changed the battery and now all the sudden it thinks i'm as fast as jess or susan. HA I WISH!

doin' time: i arrived home from the aforementioned rough clinic day and announced that i needed some serious pampering, meaning that i was not setting foot in the kitchen. we headed to nearby weathervane for a nice dinner that wasn't too expensive or too much -- just right for a weeknight.
glass of california sauvignon blanc, served with rustic seedy bread (my favorite part of the meal!)

salad topped with salmon, fruit, and a yogurt dressing. i didn't finish this giant piece of fish and instead topped my meal off with a kids-sized peanut butter frozen yogurt cone from TCBY. not quite loyo, but it was good (and on the way home).


  1. Anonymous8:18 AM

    You do what you want to do. If you put a link in this address, people should be able to find it and update their readers pretty easily. What would you change the name to?

    If you ever feel old, just remember that I'm 2 years (I think) older than you!

  2. Meredith9:38 AM

    I am a long time reader/lurker :)

    I also happen to be a 4th year med student (don't worry I'll be emailing you soon for advice and thoughts about residency in Chapel Hill, since its high on my list!). I just wanted to say that we, or at least I, really appreciate when busy overworked residents take the time to teach us. I've been on an away for the past month where there is absolutely no teaching and while I understand that its July and no one knows which way is up, I feel a little cheated.

    So, thank you! Med students everywhere appreciate you!

  3. I'll follow you either way! You might lose some people along the way, but your loyal readers will join you. I did a hair dresser internship type thing (descriptive, I know) in high school, and they said that when a stylist switches salons, only about 20% of their clientele switches with them. You'll have much better luck than that!

    Thanks for the speedy shoutout! :)

  4. Can't believe you've been blogging for 5 years! I'm going to go back and read some old stuff.

  5. Rustic seed bread!

    Yes, I think you should change the name. It's a little depressing/sad and you are not really either of those things.

  6. Anonymous6:08 PM

    i'll follow you regardless! and 5 years? you *really* must love doing this haha ;)

  7. atilla10:17 PM

    we'll follow wherever you go

  8. don't change it! i liked hearing about your time in lumberton - it was an important moment in your life - you were missing josh so much, and got to experience something different.. besides - i think it's nice for people to then read your blog and see that you're not so lost, and only alone for a few more years until residency/fellowship is over :) i bet you're a great teacher btw..

  9. I wouldn't be worried about losing people that read ... I think you could actually get more readers if you have a name that fits a little better :) I've commented maybe once before but I will keep reading!