Saturday, July 25, 2009

data crunching

no wonder i'm tired
officially logged hours for the rotation thus far:

as you can see, though it's arduous, i am well-under the 80 hour/week limit. honestly, i heart duty-hour restrictions. i am so glad that there at least IS a limit in place!

it's clear that circadian rhythms certainly come into play on a call night. the post-lunch slump and AM caffeine buzz are also influences. personally, i would not want me as my doctor at hour 30.

cheating on martha??
warning: above material contains beautiful, explicit images & non-martha-approved recipes

i love martha stewart, and i love the cookbook i am cooking through. however . . . i am going to be honest and admit that though my heart remains true to doin' time with arguably the world's most successful ex-con, my eyes are starting to wander. so many delicious summery recipes languishing inside of cookbooks and magazines! i am considering taking a little time off from my project. not a break-up, per se, but just . . . a little space, you know?

we'll see. i need a little time to think.

other edible delights
i have decided that this:

is my desert island food. i could eat (whole foods brand all natural SMOOTH) peanut butter and banana on cinnamon-raisin ezekiel english muffins for days before getting tired of this particular concoction. this certainly isn't doin' time-worthy, but i just wanted to share.

plans for the day
include a trip to local yogurt and some bargain-hunting with my sister who is talented at finding diamonds in the rough at places like ROSS and marshall's. don't tell, but i kind of, maybe, possibly, perhaps want some skinny jeans. we'll see how this plays out.



workout: 4 miles easy before work

reading: about febrile UTIs in babies -- to prophylax or not? (i still don't have a clear-cut answer).


  1. atilla4:11 PM

    love the plate under the muffins

  2. Anonymous4:59 PM

    i am wicked impressed that you find time to do anything with that kind of a week! and i completely agree with your desert island food, except i'd have to go with super crunchy pb

  3. rebecca12:25 PM

    actually i hate ross. tjmaxx and marshall's only!

  4. I'm exhausted from 40 hours/week...I don't know how you do it!

  5. That is sooo my desert island meal too.

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