Monday, July 13, 2009

21 days

the breakdown: AM pep talk
yes, 21 days is the number of days that it takes to make or break a habit (such as, for example, the habit of complaining). it also happens to be the number of days left in my ward month! it feels like i have been on the wards forever, but a quick glance at my schedule reveals (somewhat disappointingly) that it has only been 1.5 weeks, with 3 more to go! because this current rotation is a 4.5-week block and because it happened to come back-to-back with nights/cardiology (which seems forever-ago already . . . ), it definitely feels longer.

luckily i know it will go fast. any time there is call involved, weeks seem to slide by because 2 days are compressed into 1 every time a call night happens, and BAM -- the week is over.

the breakdown of what's left
5 call nights
5 post-call days
3 days off
2 clinic days
1 weekend day
5 regular days

there, that looks a bit more manageable, doesn't it? while i think it helps to see it this way, i will aim to take things one day at a time. after this, my next (and LAST EVER) month of true overnight call isn't until may of 2010, which basically sounds like light-years from now.

things to look forward to
dangling a few carrots never hurts, right? here are some things i am looking forward to in both the near and more distant futures:

racing a 5K at the end of the summer
trip to boston for the blogger summit
trip to maine for aimee's wedding
3 months without call!
furniture shopping/apartment therapy (planned for our vacation)
having my team/josh's team over for a mexican fiesta
eating more local yogurt
seeing the hangover, bruno, food inc, and more
orla and exaclair loot headed my way
(free!) 1 hr massage on friday, my day off this week
seeing myself in the next issue of women's running magazine
this morning's run!

. . . which, speaking of, i need to begin momentarily.

happy new week! (like the new year, only . . . more frequent, and with less champagne involved.)


  1. Hmmm, Bruno and Food, Inc.--sounds like fare for the movie omnivore. Seeing HP6 on Thursday, wish Josh could join me!
    L, da

  2. You're going to be in the Mag? How cool is that?
    I had somewhat of a challenging time in my residency, and I didn't cope with it as clearly as you do now. Writing down your gratitudes/look forwards is inspiring!

  3. You certainly have lots of fun stuff to look forward too! Furniture shopping sounds fun.

  4. Lots to look forward to. Hooray!

  5. You could definitely rock that dress!

    I don't think I've seen that magazine, but I will check Barnes & Noble when you tell me it comes out.

  6. atilla9:30 PM

    I had negative vibes about your countdowns and then I remembered that after my second year you could stop me any time and ask how many hours of residency were left and I could give the right answer ( but who's counting?)