Monday, May 11, 2009

H1N1 can suck it

adjusting my expectations
usually when a new week begins, i like to have

☑ the laundry done and put away
☑ the fridge stocked with the week's groceries
☑ dinners and workouts all planned out for the week
☑ the house looking halfway presentable

things i also typically enjoy and take for granted:

☑ a car battery that is working
☑ not feeling like i have swine flu (I HATE YOU, SAME DAY CLINIC.)

oh well.

m-day brunch highlights
may i present to you . . . a homemade plate of awesomeness

my sister deserves all the credit for this meal. included are apple gingerbread and swiss chard and aged gouda baked omelet from the splendid table cookbook, fresh fruit salad, and my mom's homemade applesauce (from the freezer -- she was not allowed in the kitchen for the creation of this brunch!)

the guest of honor + my dad

another honored guest

josh said he wants every picture from napa to be like this one!



workout: 6.3 miles again (different route but same exact distance!) @ 9:18/mi. josh came along for part of it!

2 runs outside in a row + no hip pain whatsoever = happy me!


  1. Sarah, you and your sister and Josh made Mother's Day weekend very special for Mom and me. Thanks so much!!
    Love and xoxoxoxo, da

  2. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Brunch looks wonderful! Glad you're not having any hip pain anymore.

  3. Ugh...I guess that's what comes with being a pediatrician. I always get something (cold, otitis, etc) when I'm in the ER or clinics for a month. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I love that you surprised your mom on Mother's Day. Everything looks great.

    Don't get swine flu!

  5. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Just because I thought you might find this interesting as a resident and because you seem to have mastered emotional intelligence. See

    Hope this week is better for you. Many thanks for your daily blogs, they are always instructive/life-affirming on the humanistic level.

  6. da: it was fun! almost like a mini-vacay. hope you feel better!

    runsarah: i really really hope it never comes back.

    claire: for me it's every 3-4 months. and it's always upper respiratory! i never have gotten gastro or MRSA or anything like that. seriously it gets REALLY old!

    jess: ha, obvi i don't actually think it it swine flu since no one in clinic tested positive! but it still sucks.

    anonymous: wow, what a compliment especially in response to a post with 'suck it' in the title! i liked the article and agreed with many of its points. interestingly, i have found my personality shift from ESTJ to ESFJ during residency -- ie 'feeling' rather than 'thinking'. i believe in trusting my gut and checking my pride at the door -- the patient matters way more than my feelings. i've cried at work before and i will always get over it, but ignoring someone who might need help from someone more experienced than i is something i am never EVER willing to do.

  7. atilla9:42 PM

    weekend looked great. a little prelude to napa

  8. Love the plate of deliciiousnes! Your mom is so cute - you look exactly like her!

    Glad your hip is doing ok!