Friday, April 24, 2009

8 x 8: cop-out post #523

(or thereabouts).

i've seen a 5-question version of this survey on multiple blogs and on facebook, and it bothers me. there really should be 8 questions with 8 answers, for symmetry's sake, not just 5! so, i added a few. i know i'm not the only one who likes reading these, so enjoy!

1. 8 Things I’m Looking Forward To (short & long term!)running with a. tomorrow morning
my next rotation: renal elective!
the NC half next weekend
5K training
vacation in napa!
finishing residency
starting endocrine fellowship
having babies

2. 8 Things I Did Yesterdayhad a nice 5 mile run outside
attended a 4 hour class on car seat safety
had a relaxing lunch out with 2 other residents
went to this child play center in cary to talk to moms about health
skipped my yoga (does 'not doing' something count?)
went on date night with josh to weathervane
shared some ridiculously delicious reese's peanut butter cup cheesecake
watched part of coming to america. 80s movies are the best!

3. 8 Things I Wish I Could Doenjoy call nights
navigate without getting hopelessly lost
remember people's faces
remain calm amidst chaos
work part-time as a writer
run fast
put my heels on the floor in downward-facing dog
speak spanish

4. 8 Things I Can Do Well
(i added this one because i feel we should celebrate our strengths and not just lament our weaknesses!)
memorize things
talk/teach in front of a crowd
play songs by ear on the piano
run far
perform lumbar punctures
write neatly

5. 8 Shows I Watchgrey's anatomy
desperate housewives

honestly, we don't have a TV and i don't currently watch any more shows right now. but i have enjoyed in the past:

america's next top model
six feet under
freaks & geeks
what not to wear

6. 8 Favorite Places I've Been(excluding places i've lived for 5+ years)
miami beach
san diego
williamstown, MA
boston, MA

7. 8 Things I Covet
orla kiely everything
white jeans
long legs
a large blog readership
a book deal
a 'real' job
an office

8. 8 Fascinating People Who Should Answer This Survey
(please pardon me if you have already answered it and i just forgot)


happy friday!!



workout: 5.22 miles @ 8:39/mi.

other than that and flossing, i'll just come out and say i was a total slacker. oh well!


  1. thanks for the tag! I wish I could put my heels on the floor in downward dog puppy has me beat on on that one!

  2. thanks for asking... i now have something to post about!!

  3. Woohoo! I'll have to think of some good stuff, but I will also be stealing some of your answers (I want long legs).

  4. Glad I'm not the only one who would love a pair of long, long legs...

  5. I covet long legs too! It would make jean wearing a whole lot easier.

    Also, I find it interesting that you like Gray's Anatomy. I would think it would totally annoy you because it's ridiculous.

  6. What?! I'm not fascinating enough to make your list?! I'm shocked! SHOCKED!!
    L, your boring da :)

  7. P.S. I'm looking forward to those babies, too!
    L, da

  8. isn't it funny that we all want the unattainable (long legs = never gonna happen for me, since i'm 5'1" with short legs and my growth plates are LONG closed).

    hangry: i kind of hate grey's for it's ridiculous, but i love to hate it. i don't know why but i just can't seem to stop watching!

  9. Great, I'll work on it.

  10. I'm running the NC full this weekend! Ive read you in the past (and commented) but somehow you got lost in my reader so I'm just now "re-discovering" you, glad I did!


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