Wednesday, February 11, 2009


i'm just in a funk this week. is it seasonal affective disorder? boredom with my current rotation? hormones? all i know is that for no apparent reason, i have been in a crappy mood and haven't felt like doing ANYTHING. i could continue to fight it, but i feel that sometimes it's just healthier to wallow and get the mood out of my system.

so wallow i will. which means paring life down to its barest essentials:

i will continue to go to work. i will continue my marathon training. and fine, i'll continue to floss. but as of now, and effective until february 14th, everything else will be optional.

• i do not have to cook.
• i do not have to clean.
• i do not have to study.
• i do not have to get groceries.
• i do not have to pack lunch.


josh has put up with this week's antics quite nicely, picking up takeout last night with nary a complaint. we spent our dinner hour reminiscing about old saved by the bell episodes.

remember zack attack? of course you do.

and when jessie got hooked on uppers?
duh. easy stuff.

but do you remember the old days, with miss bliss, when zack pretended to have cancer so that he could get to kiss stevie, the fake miley cyrus of the late 80s? or when leah remini played zack's boss (and lover) stacey carosi at the beach cabana where he worked?

aaaahhhh. i wish i could call in 'moody' so that i could just stay home and watch this kind of crap all day. don't worry, though, i won't. god, sometimes being a responsible adult is just so limiting.


  1. Hope you feel better :(

  2. Anonymous7:33 PM

    I hope you feel better, too. I think it's that you need more down time. You do need a break from all the routine things with your hectic schedule. L.,Mom

  3. atilla9:03 PM

    you need more sleep I'm guessing... or maybe some major carbohydrates

  4. I have been feeling the same way. Good luck with the wallowing. I hope that allows the general crappyness to run its course.

  5. JennyN11:45 AM

    You need more B&J ice cream. :D
    No seriously, take it easy and be kind to yourself. Taking a break from cooking etc sounds lika a good idea. Feel better soon!

  6. It's quite possible that I've seen every episode of SBTB.

    Which makes me a little disappointed in myself.