Thursday, December 25, 2008

a very NICU christmas

merry christmas! it's just another work day for me, but i'm okay with that. i had my own little holiday celebration yesterday when not one, not two, but THREE girly awesome gifts arrived for me in the mail all at once. wheeee! exchanging gifts with friends is a wonderful thing. and, my orla kiely notebook collection is now up to a slightly ridiculous 6. i love it! i may not find purposes for all of them in 2009, but i'll know that they're there for the future.

i'm on the 'long' shift at the hospital again. yesterday was fine, despite a hectic morning. i think i'm still doing a good job at staying relatively relaxed through all of it. hopefully the holiday spirit will make its way into our unit and gift the workers (and the babies!) with a nice day!



workout: 5 miles easy recovery run (9:13/mi, 0.5% incline). i didn't want to go, but thanks to us weekly, the workout went by in a flash. today is a rest day and i'm looking forward to just sitting around after work!


  1. Hey, I know that notebook!!!

    Merry Xmas Sarah + Josh!

  2. atilla10:53 AM

    hope you have a quiet day at the hospital...holidays are always a little wierd and only really sick people are in the hospital at this season. Can't wait to see you.