Tuesday, December 23, 2008

best of 2008: music

there are a lot of 'best of' lists floating around these days -- and i SO love lists. therefore, i decided i would make my own top ten list of favorite musical experiences from 2008. it has been quite a good year for music and i am glad i gave myself a musical 'allowance' of 2 new albums per month back in january. 2/month seems to be the right frequency for really getting to know new albums but allowing some freedom to sample albums that are not in the same old group of artists i've always liked. i will definitely continue this tradition into 2009!

in no particular order:

death cab for cutie narrow stairs
even though i liked the last few albums more, i still think it's a strong set of songs. i like "cath".

santogold santogold
like m.i.a., but better.

she & him volume I
paste magazine's pick for #1 album of the year, and i agree that it is fabulous. catchy, old-school, sweet, and fun.

fleet foxes fleet foxes
just a beautifully, thoughtfully crafted album. lovely winter music.

coldplay viva la vida
i know it's not 'cool' to like coldplay these days, but i love this album. great for running.

priscilla ahn a good day
super-relaxing, peaceful, and perfect for a sunday morning.

jenny lewis acid tongue
she just oozes coolness and i like her slight country twang. and i love her silky smooth voice, style, and the fact that she was in troop beverly hills

thao we brave bee stings and all
i love thao nguyen's voice, the lyrics and melodies. this album is relatively poppy and tons of fun to sing along to.

paste magazine
my favorite music magazine, for learning about new bands and reading reviews of albums. they also do excellent movie and book reviews, and it comes with a full-length sample CD each month. i can imagine subscribing for life.

radioparadise listener-supported online radio
found at radioparadise.com, this is my absolute favorite music station. sometimes it seems like they are playing directly from my CD collection. they do not hesitate to transpose bjork and the beatles, and i love them for it.


run: 7 miles at moderate pace -- 8:34/mi, 0.5% incline
20 minute yoga download (gentle hatha) -- which i liked! since they are free, i will definitely be trying some more.

doin' time: a lovely potato-herb frittata and bell pepper sautee. i was cooking just for myself, which i rarely do, and it came out nicely, much to my surprise (i'm not usually good with eggs!). recipes in the sidebar!


  1. Matt's been quoted in Paste twice now!! He loves that magazine. Glad you like the yoga! I think that Hatha is the perfect stretch and time commitment.

  2. you have some very cool taste in music. part of the OR culture where i work is that the anesthesiologist picks and plays all the music, which can be a lot of pressure actually! i get really tired of my music and am always looking for something new to play. can't wait to check out some of your list!

  3. Anonymous11:42 AM

    I am going to have to check some of these out! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Thanks for the music recommendations. I'm such a loser when it comes to music and haven't heard of half those artists.

  5. Anonymous6:25 PM

    NPR did a Top Ten list that I think you'll like.


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