Wednesday, November 12, 2008

stamping out disease

top 3 gross conditions treated in clinic yesterday
3. ringworm
2. head lice
1. SCABIES!grossness from

all in one half-day clinic! seriously, i'm itching right now just thinking about these things.

the good news is that despite the ickiness factor, i actually did have a great afternoon seeing patients yesterday. i feel like i really connected with several teenagers, and admittedly there is something satisfying about treating the above conditions, because they are easy to diagnose and you get to feel like a hero with a 30-second prescription.

and don't worry, i wore gloves.

apparently with my current schedule there simply are not enough hours for me to do everything i want to do without completely killing myself. this is frustrating, but what can i do about it? specifically, yesterday i finished clinic at 6:45 and got home at 7:15 pm (which wouldn't be so bad, but i have to be at work well before 6 and i am on call again today!). at the point, running seemed like it would be more self-destructive than healthy. and that hurts! i read people's blogs about hardcore training schedules and remember how wonderful it felt just last month when i was able to run before work. i completely have the desire (and for once i'm not injured!) but i do not have the time. it is temporary, but it still makes me a little sad.

call #5/8 today
at least after this one i'll be over the hump.



run: NONE

reading: almost out of spite, i have stopped attempting to do NICU stuff outside of the NICU. sorry, but when i can't even fit in a run, i don't feel like i can spare any of the few hours i have left to read about the babies i take care of all day. i guess i will just learn by doing. maybe if there's some down time on call tonight . . .

cooking: survival mode = amy's burritos, baked tortilla chips, and bell pepper slices. with lots of spice green salsa. hey, it works.


  1. Oh my! I can handle ring worm...we see it ALL THE TIME! Lice makes me itch. In fact, on of my patients had it and we didn't know until I showed up the next morning and she was on contact precautions for it! SCABIES...ahhhh...for some reason that freaks me out!

  2. I love Amy's burritos, I say that's a perfectly awesome dinner.

    Ringworm makes me nautious. The idea of any worm really. That's pretty gross.

  3. Also -- you'll get back to your running schedule when life is less hectic! I know it must be sad, though :-(

  4. ewww, now my head is itching! i understand survival mode--still, that's not a bad looking meal.

  5. Anonymous1:58 PM

    I'm guessing your job is at least somewhat active. If I can't run before work I just feel awfully stagnant sitting here at my desk.

  6. Anonymous8:11 PM

    I am sure that Sarah can explain better, but ringworm is a skin infection caused by fungi. The name is just descriptive of what it may look like: there is no worm!!

  7. Anonymous7:28 PM

    We should definitely try and meet up for a run sometime. The tobacco trail would be great, I need some new places to run. I tried running around chapel hill during my lunch but it is so crazy there during the week.

  8. claire: i am equally freaked out!

    toni jo: yes anon is right -- it's not a worm but a FUNGUS! still disgusting, though. but i always tell the kids not to worry that they have worms, because i know that always freaks them out!

    cindy: yes, sometimes residency feels like one long stretch of 'survival mode'! but at least there are ups and downs to it.

    jess: somewhat, yes. although we spend a lot of time STANDING, and that is not my favorite position to be in.

    anon: yep :) thank god it's NOT an actual worm!

    d10: yay! we should do it. next month i have almost all weekends off, so let's plan on it then! i ran in chapel hill (from east chapel hill to carrboro, up franklin street) at around noon last weekend and there was a football game going on . . . it was a little crazy

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