Friday, November 07, 2008

glimpse of the future

i am excited for my interview today! and not just because it gets me out of a day in the NICU (actually, i'm missing the best day of the week -- the short friday!). i am hoping that i will get a little taste of what being a pediatric endocrine fellow would be like. getting to concentrate solely on my favorite slice of pediatric medicine, balancing research and clinical duties, and learning a TON so that i will be ready to actually practice endocrinology on my own -- it sounds so fantastic to me.*

i think that i would be a very happy and productive endocrine fellow.

i hope that i can show that to my interviewers today.

so what exactly does an endocrinologist do?
i have been asked this many times, so i figure it makes sense to clarify -- it's not just diabetes!
figure from

pediatric endocrinologists treat:
• diabetes, both type 1 and type 2
• hypoglycemia
• thyroid disorders
• disorders related to the adrenal gland hormones, like diabetes insipidus or adrenal insufficiency
• issues with puberty (early or late) or sexual differentiation
• issues related to bone (disorders of parathyroid hormone, calcium, or vitamin D)
• growth problems (height or weight)
• endocrine tumors (genetic tumor syndromes or things like prolactinomas)
• patients with genetic syndromes that often have endocrine issues, like down's syndrome, turner's syndrome, and prader-willi

i ♥ it all. i also ♥ that peds endocrinologists work mainly in the clinic-based setting, get great continuity with their patients, and generally have lifestyles that do not suck. i hope things work out for me this year -- it would be absolutely amazing to secure a position and know that i am set for the future in a career that i KNOW is for me.

* plus, no 30-hour call shifts, ever again!



workout: 7 mile tempo run post-call.
- 1 mi @ 8:57/mi
- 6 mi @ 8:27/mi
felt WAYYYY harder than it should have. i just do not run well post-call!

cooking: nope. this week's culinary adventures have not gone as planned. fortunately, most of the ingredients i bought will last for a while.


  1. i am so sure your day will go great, but i have my fingers crossed anyways! you have always been an endocrine nerd.

  2. Good luck on your interview! The sooner you can get away from 30 hr shifts the better (that is still completely baffling to me that they would do that to someone)

  3. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Good luck!

  4. I hope your interview goes well and that you see things about fellowship that you like. I have my first residency interview on Wednesday. It's at my current location, so hopefully it won't be too bad. :-)

  5. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Hope the interview went well! It must be exciting to know that you are finally going to be able to focus on what you really love.

  6. atilla10:20 PM

    can't wait to hear how it went

  7. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I just found your blog through Heather and it looks great. :) Good luck with your interview!

  8. vickie: thanks babe! i had so many interviewers ask my about my sandstrom rat project :) such memories . . .

    toni: hi! i agree . . . down with the 30 hours!

    jess: thanks babe

    claire: ooh residency interview! DEFINITELY let me know if you come to duke or unc to interview :)

    d10: well, it's still at least 1.5 years away . . but yes it will be fantastic

    atilla: it was awesome!!!

    erin: hello, welcome, and thank you so much!