Friday, October 31, 2008

to get you warmed up to vote . . .

i really like reading other people's blogs. is that weird? i mean, YOU are reading this right now, so you probably get it, but not everyone does. i like hearing about others' lifestyles, and i find it fun to read about certain things especially -- those involved in some of the same things i like to do. here are some examples:

some medical blogs i read
MD/PhD student dr. squared,
anestheiologist michelle
psychiatrist intueri
pathologist (and actual friend in real life) vickie

some running blogs i read
feisty marathoner from pieces of me
the hilarious marcy
local runner just running for fun
extremely fast see jess run
doctor AND runner cindy

some cooking/food blogs i read
healthy and creative katheats
experimental hangrypants
gourmet local jessica
into food and fitness carrots and cake

and there are a couple more that don't even fit into these categories. that sounds like a lot -- i guess it is! i don't actually keep up with every post of every one, but i tend to get caught up on days off (or post-call, reading while falling asleep in bed!).

anyway, it strikes me that my blog is a hybrid of these three types -- so i was wondering, who is reading and why? i do not have a super-enormous readership (probably because i whine too much) but it is still more people than i ever thought would want to read my ramblings.

SO! humor me and answer the following question in this blog's second ever poll . . .

ALSO: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! i'm going dressed as a NICU resident to work today. glam-tastic!



workout: i attempted to do an interval run post-call yesterday, but my body just said NO during the very first interval. i switched my schedule around and just did 6 easy while catching up on us weekly. i still can't tell whether jennifer aniston is back with john mayer, and i'm still not sure that i care.

reading: is never going to occur post-call.

cooking: i came across a recipe for 'super-veggie' salad in this month's shape and knew i had to make it. it had: greens, carrots, celery, green grapes, pear slices, figs, goat cheese, walnuts, and bulgur wheat. YUM! the dressing was a bit of olive oil, cider vinegar, maple syrup, mustard, salt, and pepper. great flavor combination! i constructed mine by layering lettuce on the bottom, then all the fruits/veggies/goat cheese/walnuts, and then i put the bulgur on one side and drizzled dressing on top. i ended up mixing it together as i went, though!

aaaaand for dessert (ok, not really but sort of) i had an entire bottle (it's only 30 ml, or one ounce, which worked out to 600mg) of children's motrin that i had gotten in clinic. i had burned my hand toasting the walnuts and it hurt, but we were out of ibuprofen! it worked great and flooded me with memories of 'sick days' of my childhood.


  1. atilla7:04 AM

    i'm dressing as a surgeon

  2. your poll doesn't allow for multiple selections... there might just be readers as diverse as you! =)

    love the motrin dessert.

  3. i actually would have picked all the poll options!

  4. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Thanks for the shout out! I read a lot of blogs too. I couldn't answer your poll because I read it for the top 3 choices. I'm not in the medical field, but my boyfriend is and I enjoy learning about your experiences.

  5. Anonymous1:35 PM

    And like many of your readers, I also read it for multiple reasons, though "stalk" is not the right word: It is a great way to learn some of the details about what you are doing, plus the recipes are inspiring, too. L., Mom

  6. Thanks for the "shout out!" Your blog is really cute! :)

  7. You're a hella busy human being, Izzy Stevens.

  8. thank you all for voting! that was fun and informative. although i know from my site-meter there are a lot of lurkers that chose to abstain. that's ok, though!