Sunday, October 19, 2008


today is just another work day for me -- i will try not to think about how normal people get to spend their sundays as i drive to the community hospital at 6:30 am for a full day of preemie infant fun. actually, it might not be so bad -- apparently, their census is very low right now and i'm hoping that means i will get to spend some time studying and working on a presentation i have to give on wednesday. because i didn't make much progress on either of those things yesterday! i am not as nervous this time as i was the last time i had to work over there, but i don't feel much more prepared to resuscitate a floppy, apneic baby. so let's just hope all of those deliveries stay far, far away!

for the past several years now, i have been threatening to buy a pair of boots. it hasn't happened because i just haven't found a pair perfect enough to allow me to pull the trigger. i have been forever envisioning gray boots with a bit of slouch to them and a wedge or cone heel. i guess i just hadn't beel looking in the right places, because a quick perusal of presented me with multiple options for the season! it is going to be a couple of months before i actually pull the trigger (maybe a reward for my upcoming NICU month?) but i think this will be the year that i actually go for it. i hope i uncover a hidden pile of money somewhere (MAYBE IF OUR HOUSE WOULD SELL!!!) because i really want the orange j. crew jacket i posted a few days ago, too. what? it's hard being a fashionable woman!

all images are from

appepazza martin
frye jenny double
frye sam double shaft
frye caroline campus

anyone have any strong opinions as to which boot is best? and no, 'get all 5!' is not a workable possibility.

the mindfulness diaries
so i mentioned a couple of days ago that i was going to try an experiment to help me live a calmer, happier life while on stressful rotations such as the NICU and PICU. my plan is simple: i am going to try over the next 2 weeks to be especially mindful of my emotions and experiences as they are happening, and then i am going to write about my inevitable struggles with maintaining zen in the face of long hours, lack of sleep, and reaaaaaaaally tiny babies. i am going to start this week rather than with my first NICU week because i think i will need the practice employing these thought processes while not working so hard. in fact, i should probably get started right now.



long run: at the american tobacco trail in durham. 9 miles with 3 mile 'race simulation' segment. this felt good but not fantastic. my splits:
mile 1: 9:34 (i am always so slow to warm up, plus this included some stops to adjust my watch and stuff)
mile 2: 8:34
mile 3: 9:08
mile 4: 8:39 (trying to pick it up for the middle 3 miles)
mile 5: 8:27
mile 6: 8:02 (i was booking it here)
mile 7: 9:16
mile 8: 8:56
mile 9: 8:52

not bad! i think i will aim for a half paced at 8:20 to 8:30/mi. i have run faster in the past (8:10/mi last november) but my speed is coming back too slowly to hope for a PR this time around. to be honest, after all the hip stuff last year, i am just thrilled to be planning races at all!


  1. atilla9:35 AM

    frye jenny double, I worry about the comfort of the higher heels...

  2. frye carolina for sure!! LOVE them!

  3. the first one with the wedge heel is my fave. love the color!

  4. Ooooooo love me some boots. Unfortunately they don't go so well with the Mom lifestyle *sigh* (you know, having a 30lber on the hip and another one tugging on your leg)

  5. Anonymous6:50 PM

    All those boots are gorgeous! I love boots, but alas, live in Texas.
    When I'm torn, I usually go with whatever seems the most comfortable.
    Nice job on the race simulation!

  6. Well, I like all of them for sure, but when I'm buying something that's sort of an investment, which I think this is for you, I think about which is the most classic so I might be able to wear them years from now or something. I think for that, the second pair is best. Overall, I like the second pair best though.

  7. Anonymous9:37 PM

    I love the first pair. I haven't jumped on the boots over jeans trend yet, but I guess with those, you'd have to unless you were wearing a skirt.

  8. I like the third pair, I think the frye jenny? I hope your night goes well in the nursery. We've already had a busy night with our first 3 admits being unneeded! Oh, well...they'll go home tomorrow.