Monday, August 11, 2008

1000 words

at least i'm done with my saturday call. and i get next saturday OFF! it will only be 1/2 of a weekend for me, but that is about 99,000 times better than none at all.

um, happy monday!


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Hope this week is much better. Hang in there.

  2. Love the pie chart. You're right - it says a lot :)

    Good luck filling up more purple this week!

  3. atilla8:55 PM

    i don't even want to think about my pie chart but this two weeks you need a slice for olympics...track is coming up

  4. d10 - thanks!!

    kath - i am more looking forward to increasing the 'sleep' slice!

    atilla - i cannot imagine living your pie!! as for the olympics, i watched a little while at the gym but we don't have tv @ home right now that we can watch.