Tuesday, August 19, 2008


in my sleepy state this morning, i googled 'nap' for inspiration (yes, i do things like that) and ended up learning about this rather awesomely hilarious product: the no nap!

here it is, in its packaging:

the website's 'general description' (it is from an indian company -- the slightly imperfect english adds to its charm, i think!)

a pictorial demo:

#1 -- doesn't this make you feel confident about driving on the roads with trucks?

#2 -- and just to show i'm not the only one thinking of creative uses for this thing . . .

i think i need to walk into rounds post-call with this thing over my ear, buzzing every time my head falls over! hopefully, it will be nice and LOUD. it could be my not-so-subtle statement on what i think about standing up for 4 hours and pretending to pay attention on rounds after being up all night. plus, the buzz might help keep others awake as well! YEAH!



workout: 5 mile easy run + 30 minutes personal training session (lots of arms & core, plus reverse lunges)

cooking: i made a variant of rachael ray's grilled greek burgers. it was easy and good, and i am looking forward to some gourmet leftovers for lunch today at work. as shown with whole wheat pita, grilled portobello mushrooms, and salad.


  1. where was no nap when i needed it? i love the sketchy english.

  2. runjess1:42 PM

    I need this for meetings.

  3. atilla9:59 PM

    i need this for when I'm sittng in front of the computer checking labs at about 7pm