Sunday, February 10, 2008


so i'm back on heme/onc. there was a vacation tucked in there somewhere*, but it is already a distant memory. actually, that's not entirely true -- i still feel way less tired than i know i'm going to feel in just a few short weeks of every-4th-night call. i will admit that doing this heme/onc thing for the second time is a bit easier. it's fun to feel like i sort of know what i'm doing for once! and currently, i'm enjoying a nearly-full-fledged weekend, as i had to go in and round yesterday but left at noon and i am completely off today.

plans for today
• 20 mile run!
• lie around and recover while eating leftover sausage/tomato/feta pizza from last night
• laundry (as always)
• some gentle yoga to stretch out tired muscles
• move the LAST bits of furniture and stuff out of our old house
• plan dinners for next week
• grocery shopping @ TJs and maybe supplemented w/ whole foods
• pay bills
• make moroccan chicken for dinner tonight
• finish watching night at the museum

hopefully i can get it all in. about to leave for the 20 mile run now . . . i can't believe my marathon is just 5 weeks away!

in other news, i just discovered craigslist last night. we had 2 perfectly good but unwanted ikea bookcases and gave them away for free -- you cannot even imagine how quicky my inbox was flooded with people who wanted them. we also sold a miter saw (for $25) in like 8 hours. assuming these people actually show up to pick up their stuff, i am a new craigslist convert.

* to miami, which was really nice and relaxing and lovely


  1. Cute blog header! Craigslist is the best! Love it too.

  2. Left over pizza is the best recovery food.

    You are insane woman. Training for a marathon and working all those hours. Or maybe that's what keeps you sane. hmmmm

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.