Thursday, June 15, 2006

this show is so addictive. i want more and more and more. we are working our way through all of the dvds (we had never watched it in real time, but it has taken a shockingly short period to watch 3 years-worth so far). i am already dreading getting to the last season -- WHAT WILL I DO THEN?


  1. Aimee8:13 AM

    I am obsessed with practically every HBO show, the exception being Six Feet Under, which I have never really watched, but now you have inspired me! There is a vaguely existential depression that goes along with finishing a season-- kind of like, "Oh my god, what am I going to do with my life until the next season comes on?" I have experienced it many times-- fortunately, if you have HBO (as my parents conveniently do) you don't have to feel this way for long, because a new, equally fascinating show usually starts the next week! Then there is no need to deal with deep, existential anxiety in a real way.

  2. SFU is the best show that was ever on television! I am still not over the ending of it...SO sad! Don't worry - I won't spoil it for you.