Monday, March 13, 2006

well, all right then.

so i sent in my abstract this morning. and i get back (from one committee member, who obviously decided to just take care of the whole thing by himself):

1. The rationale for a potential role for blah-blah-blah needs a bit more background support as blah blah-de blahblah blahhhh
2. spell check your abstract.

well, i'm sorry if the word 'secretion' was spelled wrong, once. and i did spell check it, but somehow must have missed that one. but more importantly, if you're going to write such things then

at least spell my NAME right, biatch.

the last few days have sucked. sucked ROYALLY, in fact. and this time i'm not going to retract this with 'but my life is so good' because really, although it is, things still have been sucking way more than they should. i'm ready for something good to happen tomorrow, like the DSW shoe store declaring a 'we're going out of business and therefore donating our entire inventory to deserving customers' sale.


  1. grr, that is so annoying! i hate my thesis committee. i feel like the beginning of this week has sucked for so many people; hopefully you're doing better today!

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  3. The role of your committee it to demoralize and degrade you until there is nothing left of your pride and moral but a small burnt cinder. Then you graduate. Bleh. Just put up with it and you'll be free soon. Hang in there, Sarah.

    Oh and the only sale that DSW ever does is the we-have-lousy-IT-security-and-let-someone
    -hack-all-your-credit-card-info sale. I hate DSW.