Tuesday, November 30, 2004

i'm baaaaaaaaack!

the last 6 days were pretty crazy and a lot of fun. 2 large-scale parties in miami (both thanksgiving day AND the day after), beautiful weather (for the most part -- and oh god how i miss it already), lots of eating, and as much lounging around.

i feel rested.

unfortunately i'm also feeling a little bit panicked. i have a paper due for my pharm class that was assigned in september.

it is due tomorrow.

words written thus far: 0
minutes of research thus far: 0

i have no one to blame but myself: i just didn't want to write it! in fact, i still don't. but now i have to. well, i guess i don't HAVE to, but i have to pass the class to get my phD, and i have to write the paper to pass the class, so it seems worth it to make the sacrifice. i will force myself to make something up to hand in tomorrow. even if it's crappy.


  1. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Congratulations, Sarah, on finally skipping NOT one, NOT two, but SIX blog entries!! You're an inspiration to us OCDs everywhere! L, da

  2. sarah honey, i know you can do it because i've seen you pull of crazier shit in college. i was just reminiscing today how we would "study" in places like goodrich and the snack bar...