Wednesday, November 17, 2004


i'm involved in this group project for my pharm class which consists of separate 8-minute powerpoint presentations. yes, it's theoretically a 'group' project, but really i see it as each man/woman for him/herself. i also see it as really, REALLY not a big deal, because a) it's an 8 minute long talk, for god's sake and b) it really doesn't matter what grade i get in my pharmacology class anyway. no one is ever going to care.

i'm not saying i want to blow this thing off -- in fact, i think i was the first person to do a draft of my slides -- but i also don't want to spend hours going over it and i don't really feel like listening to everyone else's presentation more than once. am i mean? also, i'm annoyed because i volunteered to compile everyone's slides and this bratty girl went off about how 'ugly' arial on a white background is.

she wanted a fancy font on a marble background, but too bad for her, i'm the compiler. and i really like arial on white.

i'm not a bitch, really. and i'm not anti-'teamwork.' last year was all about teamwork -- but it was also all about fulfilling your individual role on that team (in my case, the role = inquisitive and enthusiastic bystander / scutmonkey) so that the team could survive. in my experience, work done individually usually comes out better and is more efficient. well, whatever.

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someday, i want to visit:

1. japan
2. scandinavia (including iceland)
3. the grand canyon
4. australia and new zealand
5. new orleans
6. hawaii
7. greece


  1. I like arial on white background too. And your travel list is aweseome. Great non sequitur. I feel like I'm giving your entry a movie/blog review. Two thumbs up! Bec.

  2. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Ditto. PowerPoint designs need to be kept simple to be easily read. Fancy font plus marble background equals ongepotchket! Guess who?!

  3. I was a graphic design major for two years before switching to interior design. Arial and other san-serif fonts (ones that don't have "feet" and other ebellishments on the letter's form--like Times New Roman does).

    Worldwide studies have consistently shown that Ariel on a light, solid background is easier to read for most people--especially older people.

    I can't stand it when people get too "creative" with fonts and backgrounds. Power point and blogs are the worst!