Wednesday, October 27, 2004

falling leaves, fallen spirits

i'm losing steam here. the end is so close. i am ready to move on and i
don't really see what i'm going to get done in the last few days, but
there are experiments still sort of hanging over my head that i'm trying
to get through. not that i'm going to make any momentous progress, but i'm
trying to tie up some loose ends, i suppose. trying.

well, it's only 3 more days.

the weather is getting colder and darker and it makes me sad. i feel like
i missed the entire summer this year: may-june was internal medicine, and
july-august was peds. i hate the cold, and i hate winter. even the
thought of wearing my cute red coat fails to cheer me up. i should be
thankful that i live here now rather than philadelphia or (god forbid) new
england, because at least there are still nice days interspersed with the
gray and the COLD cold weather has yet to arrive.

anyway, obviously i am still in a whiny mood. i hope things improve
before josh's family arrives or they're going to wonder what happened to

today's list of life's unavoidable, inevitable annoyances:

- bad skin breakouts at just the wrong time
- winter
- it's like raiiiiiiiiiiiin on your wedding day
- a free riiiiiiide when you've already paid
- i'm so, so sorry.


  1. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Your red coat is indeed very cute.


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