Friday, September 10, 2004

light bulb

so i just realized:

just like at the start of my md-training, i am clueless at this point in my phD training, and it's really ok.

if i think back to how an end-of-rotations med student yapping away about various diseases and clinical duties sounded to me when i was a first year [intimidating, brilliant, and equipped with a set of tools i could barely fathom], it is analogous to how the phD-veterans sound to me now.

just like with med school, i'll get there. eventually.

more later.

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other fun happenings:
[tales of a real (not virtual) voyeur]

1. i saw a man looking at lesbian porn in the library! i think he saw that i saw, because he kind of started closing windows haphazardly. i just gave him this look like, whatever man.

2. i saw a different man reading us magazine while on the stairmaster. he wasn't even a metrosexual-looking type, either. it was sort of endearing.

3. i tried ashtanga yoga for the first time today, and got my ass kicked. since when did i lose all flexibility in my legs and hips? oh, since cheerleading ended 6 years ago. right.

4. i rediscovered peas. peas are so good! i plan to eat more peas in the future.

5. erythromycin: bad. but somehow, azithromycin seems to be avoiding all the bad press. are the pharmacokinetics actually different, or have the Z-pack people paid off the press? i hate the Z-pack and their stupid ads. as if people need a reminder to ask for more antibiotics! and remember, doctors: don't prescribe erythromycin and clarithromycin together, because they can interact, causing your patient to experience things worse than the viral illnesses you were needlessly treating. who would have thought??


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peas are so good! i rediscovered them in france!! try this: 28oz. can of peas, drained (or frozen im guessing would work too), put in food processor til smooth, and add 2-3 T creme fraiche, salt, pepper. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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im so dumb i posted for the wrong day...

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