Tuesday, September 11, 2018

the flip side

Of course, after I wrote the previous post filled with despair, we had a truly lovely weekend.  

A laundry list of good things:
1) I have been using a sticker chart for the big kids' behavior and it has been working!  Better-behaved children = much much happier household.  Let's hope we can keep the momentum going . . .

2) We had 2 big family events for Rosh Hashanah, and both were -- dare I say -- relaxing and fun.  Perhaps I am settling into his family-of-five deal?  G is just such a good baby and A&C are really getting very independent.  I will remember this feeling of peace when G hits the toddler stage (always a challenge for me!).

3) G had her 9 month visit - she is 21 lb (86%) and 28.25 inches (75%).  It is 5:32 AM and SHE SLEPT ALL NIGHT LAST NIGHT!  THERE IS HOPE!!!  (Note, this was an anomaly, but I'll take what I can get!!!!).  She's pulling to stand nonstop and is not minding her helmet one bit.  Whew.  

4) I have several planners being sent to me for review (for the podcast, but I am going to do a series here!) and this makes me irrationally excited.  Below you can see some shots of an older version of the Full Focus Planner, which I am currently using to time track and add a little (needed) structure to my days.   Want more pix?  I am reviving (again) shubox_plans on instagram.  Enjoy :)

5) Josh and I saw Crazy Rich Asians last night - our first movie in the theater since G was born.  And I absolutely LOVED it.  (As many of you know I am a huge fan of the book series - pure candy.  I hope Kevin Kwan writes more!).  

I am entering a call week today (first in a while) and I am filled with less dread than usual.  Probably because I had some extra time yesterday to do a proper weekly review (crucial) and feel relatively organized for the first time in a long while.  


Annabel came to G's ped appointment and to Rosh Hashanah services armed with Field Notes.
Love her phonetic spelling . . .

G @ the pediatrician 
(flu shot #1 + hep B #3 - check)

pulling to stand on EVERYTHING

Full Focus Planner shot


unicorn butt.  LOVE.

Out of commission!??  AGHGHGH

No training wheels!  He and A seem to have learned at the same time.
(that's C in the distance)

G is channeling baby A in one of her old dresses

(last week)
((to keep it real!!))

M - total body cardio (Beachbody), 8 lb weights

T - 3 mi run 10:30/mi 81F

W, Thurs, Fri, Sat - NOTHING (oops)

Sun - 3 mi run 10:20/mi 83F

Well, better than nothing :)