Tuesday, July 24, 2018

good things! (and podcast guest reveal!)

1) I'm not on call until September!  I don't always mind so much but it really is so draining when G doesn't sleep through the night yet + I'm getting nighttime phone calls too.  And I did it 14 of the past 28 days which is . .. too many.

But that has earned me a loooong break (none until mid-Sept!) and maybe G will be sleeping by then!  Or dare I hope.

2) So that guest I was incredibly excited about?  It's Manoush Zomorodi!!  I loved her book (and project) Bored and Brilliant, and I've been listening to her voice through my phone/car radio for years, and I find her personality endearing and her perspective refreshing.  It was pretty thrilling to interview her!  Listen here or on any podcast app (well, not Spotify yet.  But hopefully eventually).

3) Guess which shorts I'm wearing right now?  Yep, the ones several of you hated.  It's okay - I kind of understand why.  BUT, I'm oddly proud (feeling liberated?) that I kept them anyway.  I actually really like them (feel like they look good with a preppier shirt to sort of balance out the look), they are super comfortable, and several of my local friends gave me the thumbs up, which makes me think perhaps there's a regional aspect of what is considered age-appropriate :)

here the age cutoff for these is more like . . . 60

Just recorded 3 more podcast episodes, and now I have the rest of this day off to luxuriate in my freedom.  Or something like that.  I'm just happy call is OVER!