Monday, June 25, 2018

weekend report

I haven't done one of these in a little while.  I actually did not plan ANYTHING for this weekend.  We had residency orientation all week and it was very busy (but went well overall!).  I often spend 30 minutes or so on Friday scheming the weekend, but there was not a spare moment for that last week.

Josh and I therefore sat with a pad and wrote down a skeletal plan on Saturday morning.  And then we proceeded to ignore most of the plan :)

But it worked out okay!

✅ 2 workouts (21 Day Fix Pilates Saturday, 21 Day Fix Cardio Sunday)
✅ Reading for about 45 minutes on Friday (Fredrik Backman's Us Against You)
✅ Whole lotta G time
✅ Family pool time
✅ Getting a lot of sleep (I slept 9pm - 7:30am Friday night with 2 breaks to feed G.  It was glorious!)
✅ G's pediatrician visit (she's thriving.  88% weight / 70% length.  I am shockingly doing fine w/ the pumping situation - she drinks about 8-9 oz pumped milk during the day -- which is what I get -- and gets the rest from nursing and apparently that is plenty.)
✅ Fam dinner out (I kept expectations low which worked out!)
✅ Starting this week relatively caught up (weekly review done yesterday during a nap)


G looks so much like her sister that sometimes it just feels like deja vu.
Not sure if you can tell here, but coloring definitely matches up exactly 
(A has lighter eyes, but skin / hair are the same)

Dinner out.  Sushi at A's request.

This happened.

And this.  She didn't want to sit so I ate dinner standing with her in the carrier.
(Dinner out will be easier soon once she can sit and eat more table food - 
then we'll be in a sweet spot for a few months!)

Josh went with A&C plus his aunt / uncle / nieces on their boat.
I stayed home and did a lot of this:

She's very busy.
I also cleaned up, worked out, and organized.  It was actually quite lovely.

Sometimes I actually get dinner on the table.

YES, we do have a middle child.  He just tends to move too fast to be caught in any photos . . .

PS: Yes, there are terrible things in the news.  I plan on choosing a cause and donating but I generally am trying not to dwell on things I cannot control.  I just hope that in a few years this dark period in our history will be over, or at least that things will feel less hopeless.