Thursday, May 17, 2018

full days and full heart

Full.  Full.  Full.

(Not "crazy".  Not "busy".  Especially not "crazy busy".)


I just finished Laura's new book Off the Clock (available for pre-order now; comes out in a week!) and loved it.  We discuss it more fully on the podcast, but I have to say it was a perfect read for me at this very hectic full period of life.  I really was reminded that:

a) I chose this life (and objectively speaking, it's pretty awesome)
b) The hardest parts will pass 
c) I have nothing to gain by focusing on what ISN'T getting done

I've just been really trying (somewhat successfully!) to settle into each moment, each activity, each task.  I'm finding some things to enjoy and others to endure, and I'm trying to learn how to endure them . . . better.  I am finding my minimums in certain areas -- exercise, reading, sleep - and realizing that minimum really is better than nothing.

Yesterday was an off day and I:

- recorded 2 podcasts -- including next week's episode which is a general 'what's going on' kind of episode focused on the rather challenging past couple of months -- it was refreshing to record so honestly and off-the-cuff

- attended a work meeting over the phone (yep)

- napped w/ G and had a good amount of G time

- read to the kids + helped A with homework

- did my Upper Fix workout 

- finally balanced our budget (whew)

- took care of several nagging to-do items (G's 6 month appointment, etc).

There was plenty I didn't do, but that was enough.

Life is full.  Day by day, it's pretty awesome.  G has a cold, I have 98374 undone notes, and I'm on call next week but right now I'm just going to do my workout, take things one item at a time at work (that's all I can do . . . ) and remember to file some of the gorgeous moments that are happening lately to my long-term memory.

Mother's Day 2018!!  (my 7th)

The kids picked out an outfit for me!

A's (probably final?) ballet recital

G LOVES this position


Off to do Barre Legs (yes 21 Day Fix, I'm into this!) and head into another full (but hopefully at least somewhat rewarding / productive) day.