Monday, May 07, 2018

Weekend / Progress

Ballet friends
(Annabel is ready to quit after this year so needed to snag the pix now.  She is the taller one in the shorts.)

Agh, this published before I was ready!  More later.  But it was a good weekend thanks to:

A) help from childcare (Josh was on call).  I had help 10-6 Saturday and 12-6 Sunday, mostly to do things w 1-2 of the 3.  I did take a walk with a friend but otherwise it wasn’t for a break/me time - it was to keep things going smoothly with all 3 and Josh at work.  It definitely made things much more manageable.  Did I “need” it?  Maybe not, but quality of life was definitely enhanced.  Worth it.

B) Happy G.  When she’s happy ... I’m happy.  I have quit the 5am pump, officially.  She still seems to breastfeed just fine.  At peace for now.

C) Deciding that I’m DONE with the martyr role and I’m going to do what makes life feel right, right now.  See A) and B)

Really happy!  And looks well fed to me ....

Poor C in the background.  He was sick and I’m finding him in this background position too often.  A post on this to come.  I need some more Cameron time.


Just omg.