Monday, February 12, 2018

T - 3 weeks . . .

Well, that went fast!


Maternity leave, that is.  And Genevieve's first TWO MONTHS of life!  I'm feeling more bitter than sweet about her advancing age, because she is such a good, sweet baby and I am sad (but very certain) we are never going to have one of those again.

I have settled into such a nice routine at home -- it's going to be very hard to let go of all of it.  I have not been bored at all, as some have suggested.  I'm loving the 9:30 am workouts (during G's first nap and after the two big kids are at school), long snuggle sessions with G on the couch, lots of reading while nursing, picking up the kids at school, afternoon playground time, etc etc.  It's been a really fun, rewarding interlude.  That said:

1) I DO miss work.  And many of the patients.  And using the medical part of my brain, and learning every day.  I miss feeling like I am putting something positive into the world and also just doing a kickass job from a professional standpoint (not saying I always feel this way, but it's so great when it happens!).

2) This is not a financially sustainable situation with our current location/lifestyle (and no, it wouldn't be even without our nanny)

So, I'm going back, and I really am excited to go back.  However, if you asked me would you take more time -- even some unpaid -- if you knew you 100% could go back to your job with zero professional penalty?

Yes.  Yes I would.  Maybe 6 months, or perhaps even a year.  Pretty much because a) I know pumping is going to be extremely stressful (and yes I know I don't have to do it, but I WANT to at least try my best) and b) honestly, it has been a refreshing and wonderful mental break for me, and I say this on day 12 of our nanny's 2 week vacay.

Sadly, that is not an option.  Ah well, maybe that's for the best!

G is up!  Off to the grocery store . . .