Monday, October 02, 2017

imperfect weekend

I finished my call week on Friday morning and had a day off.  This would have been glorious -- after working 7 days, I really needed some time to just rest and collect myself.  I had given our nanny the day off (in exchange for covering a prior on-call day) which would have been fine except that I forgot that C was home from school.


It's not that I minded having a day with C, and we did have a good time.  it's just that . . . I needed some TIME.  And got exactly 0, due to my own poor planning AND the kids' having a terrible streak of waking up before 6 am -- a streak that came out of nowhere at just the wrong time.

We are attacking this with a sticker chart.  So far it has worked for 2 mornings!
(Stay in bed until 6:45 AM and get a sticker . . . fill up the chart + get a prize)
(There are also rows for being good at bedtime)

I spent most of Saturday feeling really annoyed that I didn't get any rest or time to myself to speak of, but Sunday was better . . . it helped that Josh took C to a basketball game so that A and I could have a girls' night (complete with another home mani/pedi + Barbie movie -- winning combo).

NOTE TO SELF:  In future, make sure that if possible, you get at least a few hours of catchup time post-call.  The end.

On the upside, we did fit in:

- Family dinner after Yom Kippur (fun tradition called the break-fast, which is supposed to be after ~24 hrs of fasting.  However, none of the 4 of us actually ever fasts)

- 15 minute family appearance at the temple's children's service (which is . . . about perfect from my perspective . . . kids did much better with this extremely low dose exposure :) )

- Some bump pix :)  I'll do a 30 week update for posterity later this week!

- Silly + cute pix of the kids

- Science museum trip (we are making the most out of our membership)

Run/workout report from last week:
Pregnancy week 30 

M - 40 min treadmill - 8 min x 4 running @ 5 mph, 2 min x 4 walk breaks

T - prenatal barre3 (30 min).

W - 40 min treadmill - 5 min running x 5 @ 5 - 5.2 mph, 2 min walk breaks between each

R - off

F - 36 min treadmill - 3 x 10 min @ 5 mph with 2 min walking between each

S - rest

S - 40 min treadmill - 3 x 12 min @ 5 mph with 2 min walking between each

I feel like I have much more to catch up on - October goals (and failed Sept ones!) + more.  Hopefully will be back soon!