Tuesday, October 03, 2017

30 weeks, the 3rd time around

Ahhh, the pregnancy update post.  Today, our baby is the size of a . . . who can keep track anymore?  But all joking aside -- this is #3, after all -- I am not one of those pregnant women who 'loses count'.

Probably because I don't loooooove being pregnant.  There are certainly upsides!  Mostly:

- no PMS! (I mean seriously, the lack of hormone swings is actually a good thing in my case)
- people are very nice to you
- having no desire to buy clothes like I usually do, my allowance* built up so that I could spend it on bags instead
- feeling the baby move inside is very cool, and there is nothing else like it!

aaaaand . . . that's pretty much it.

As I said:  I don't looooooove being pregnant.  And I like tracking things.  So I have quite the countdown going, both in my planner and in my head.  I have also tracked pregnancy weight gain, which is perhaps slightly compulsive of me, but every time (3/3!) I have gained very quickly out of the gate and then slowed down like crazy, a pattern which always has me wondering early on if this will be the gestation where I end up gaining 90 lbs and birth a 10 lb baby**.

For posterity, here are 2 shots from the 30 week milestone - taken this weekend:

note the wine behind me that I have not been able to enjoy for the past 7.5 months :)

- Still running with walk breaks - at 5 mph on the treadmill, I can do up to a mile at a time which seems reasonable for this stage!  I have done very few runs outside due to the heat not getting along very well with pregnancy.
- Usually running every other day - every day leaves me too tired
- Barre3 1-2x/week at home

- Some days awesome, other days suuuuper tired
- Impatient!  
- Sometimes nauseated.  I don't remember this from latter pregnancy in my other 2.
- HOT!!  With A & C, my timing was better (3rd trip was during winter) so this is the first time I've had to be this pregnant when it still feeling like summer outside.  

- Up 19 lbs
- Passed glucose test!!!

Preparations made:
- We bought an infant car seat

Still need to do:
- Basically everything including buying a car that fits all 3 kids

Prior pregnancies at 30 weeks:

* yes, we both allot ourselves allowances of fun $ to spend each month, all tracked in our budgeting app/software

** I gained ~20 with A, and ~27 with C -- since I gained prior to getting pregnant with A, I was the same exact ending weight both times.  A was 6 lb 4 oz at 40 2/7 weeks and C was 6 lb 9 oz at 40 0/7 week.  No C sections.  So hopefully this situation will play out similarly.

PS - new podcast episode out today!  AAAAND, we've recorded our first Guest Episode (Episode #11!).  This one is on splitting the parental load - and I think it's a good one!

Listen here, or on your favorite podcast app!