Friday, September 22, 2017

September: the vanishing month

Just . . . wow.

I remember I had this idea to create a bucket list for the last 100 days of pregnancy.  I think the official day was sometime before the hurricane, but I definitely missed it.  Logging into the trusty BabyBump app this morning (for the first time in months . . . sorry 3rd child, I am just going to assume your organs will develop without my paying much attention), it seems that I am down to a mere 78 days*.

78 days!
11 weeks.
That is just starting to sound like not so many.

Also, September appears to have just sort of . . . happened, without anyone noticing.  We still aren't entirely back into the swing of things post-Irma, and our area still has a lot of recovery left to do (there are enormous piles of trees and debris in front of every house, just sort of festering in the sun). Speaking of sun, I get a sharp pain of jealousy every time I hear about beautiful fall weather in other areas.  This is my least favorite month here, weather-wise - it's essentially the same as July/August, which is to say HOT and HUMID and sometimes stormy and not in the least bit fall-like.  (October is almost as bad).  I know I will be happy come Nov-March (usually absolutely gorgeous!) but this part is a struggle every year.

My goals for the month appear laughable - I have accomplished 0/7 work tasks and 1/4 home tasks thus far.  I am also out of my usual workout routine.  I've been feeling kind of sick (started with some GI bug earlier this week but now it's just continued nausea and ickiness) and just not feeling like doing much.    I've had more contractions, which I am sure are Braxton Hicks (i.e. not concerning) but are still annoying.  I am going to give myself a couple more days to wallow in everything and then force myself to at least resume walking  (hopefully run/walking still) + prenatal barre3.

And I start a week of call this week!  I'm actually not so sad about that because it's been so long since my last call week (just how the schedule worked out!).  I have 3.5 total call weeks between now and maternity leave, so getting one of them checked off and behind me will feel great.  ALSO Josh is actually off for this call weekend and the next, so that's a huge added bonus that doesn't usually happen.  Yay!

On the up-side:

1) ARCADE FIRE this weekend!  I've been wanting to see them forever.  My love for them has faded somewhat since 2013 or so BUT I actually like their new album a lot (more than 2013's Reflektor) and am so excited to see them live.

2) I passed my glucose tolerance test!!  (Yes I was worried!)

3) I finished The Course of Love and absolutely loved it.  On a random tracking note, I've read 17 books thus far in 2017 which is not amazing but not horrible either.

which one to start next?

4) Podcast is going strong!  We're up to 24,000 downloads - thanks to all who have checked it out thus far!  We released a hurricane mini-sode for episode #7 (I sound a little manic in it . . .because I probably was), and have a few more in the pipeline!  Starting around episode #11, we plan to incorporate some guests.  Get excited :)

5) I am on a mission to replace my fleet of bags.  YES, bags.  My work bag is looking mighty worn and I still don't feel like I have a purse that looks like a grownup should be carrying it.  I also want to get a new diaper bag (it's been a while since I carried one of those!).  My 10 year old Orly Kiely wallet no longer zips.  I am looking for:

- diaper/baby/kid bag for weekends (considering this one)
- wallet
- purse that looks elegant but without Chanel price tag
- work bag (I like this one but it's $$$ and I'm not sure I'm ready to commit.  Plus I wish it came in dark green or blue or something.)

Suggestions are welcome.

* Assuming I go to 40 weeks, which I am currently just going to assume since I had Annabel at 40 2/7 and Cameron at 40 0/7.  If I had my way, I'd go into labor at the end of my work day at 39 5/7 (the hospital where I plan to deliver this time is where I work, so I'd loooove to avoid that painful and potentially messy journey back up!) :)  Of course, anything could happen!