Wednesday, August 23, 2017

kindergarten + catchup!

Annabel started kindergarten this week.  This felt . . . momentous.  Though I did not doubt that she was ready, she just seemed so young to be releasing into a real school filled with hundreds of bigger kids.  I mean -- some of them already have HORMONES and are taller than me (not the kindergarteners, thankfully)!  I had heard tales of homework and tests in kindergarten in our area, and it all sounded intimidating.

I tried to keep things light and positive but I am pretty sure she either picked up on my anxieties or just sensed that something big was coming.  There were some last-minute tears on day one, but I am thrilled to say that yesterday's drop-off went 8000 times better, and she scampered off to her room to do her homework (yes) with zero prodding yesterday.

Let's just hope this lasts.  For the next 13+ years :)

Cameron was very very jealous that he didn't get to go too (his preschool doesn't start until next week).  I anticipate fewer nerves the 2nd (and 3rd) time around!

Page 1 (of 2) of kindergarten HW

Other notable events included the solar eclipse, which happened on the same day (symbolic? Perhaps!).  This was our version, since I never ended up procuring glasses:

projected onto paper

I did really appreciate how the eclipse was one of those rare events shared across much of the country that was actually fun and enjoyable for pretty much everyone.  I can't think of many others.  It was also interesting (and terrifying) to think about how few of these we get in a human lifetime.  The US will get another one in 2024, but in FL, we won't be on any eclipse path until 2045!  Incredible.

I'm back to work today after a few days away from the routine to focus on A's start of the school year.    Off to do my usual Weds home barre3 routine.  Catchup workout report below!

PS: If you are new here from LV's blog or the podcast, welcome!  We are up and running with >4000 downloads so far.  I hope you enjoy it as we continue to refine + evolve!  Links and ways to listen here.  


Workouts 8.14 - 8.20
Pregnancy week #24

M - rest

T - run outside, 82F and humid at 6:30 am.  15 min run / 3 min walk / 15 min run / 3 min walk / 6 min run.  Average 11:36/mi for total, 10:45/mi for the run portions.  Still hot & uncomfortable out there.

W - Barre3 30 min weekly workout

R - 40 min treadmill run/walk.  10 min run / 2 min walk / 8 min run / 2 min walk / 6 min run / 2 min walk / 4 min run / 2 min walk / 2 min run / 2 min walk.  Paces for run 5-5.5 mph.

F - 35 min treadmill run/walk.  8 min run / 2 min walk x 3.5.  5 mph on running portions.

S - not feeling great, rest

S - Barre3 40 min workout

TOTAL - run x 3 / barre x 2 / ~10 mi total