Thursday, August 10, 2017

backpack conquest

Thank you for all the fantastic Q&A submitted to the last post, my email, and Instagram!  Episode Recording Day (yes, that's in all capitals because I was EXCITED) went really well, and I'm hoping we'll be able to release in just a couple of weeks!  More details to follow, of course, when we have the actual launch date finalized.

I had yesterday off, and besides giving my vocal cords a workout it was a nice refreshing mid-week break.  My day off each week rotates -- or actually it just depends on when I schedule it.  It takes more maneuvering, but I much prefer it this way so that I can work around kid-related activities and also work meetings (i.e. make sure NOT to be off when I know I have an important meeting to run or attend!).   I also kind of like the variety - Fridays are lovely for that long weekend feeling, but sometimes breaking up the work week feels good too.

Activities on my day off yesterday:
✔︎ Slept in (until 6 am or so . . . yes this counts)

✔︎ Podcast recording!

✔︎ Barre3 workout

✔︎ Took Annabel on solo outing to buy backpack for school.  We looked at Target, but I just couldn't let her take home a Barbie monstrosity that looked like it would fall apart in 30 seconds.  We made a deal -- I let her take home a Descendents doll and she let me offer her an array of backpacks to choose from online.  She picked this one:

festooned with puppies

She was happy and so was I (because I won't have to stare at plastic Barbie for the next 9 months or however long that one was going to last!).  I'm now 99% done with back to school shopping (C is going to just reuse his Skip Hop backpack from last year - sorry dude, it's still in good shape!) and just need to get A a new water bottle for her lunch box.  Oh, and pick up uniforms for her (which don't go on sale until next week even though school starts the 21st!).  Whew!

Up for debate:  Monogramming with first name, yay or nay?  Valid safety concern or not?  Josh was strongly opposed so we did initials (which I was fine with -- and not something I wanted to fight over!) but just curious :)

I also got to hang out with Josh, who came home on the early-ish side (8 pm) and read some of Loner, which is this month's book club selection.  Thus far I like it but I can tell it's going to take a turn for the disturbing . . . at least that's likely to make good fodder for discussion.

Off to run!