Thursday, May 11, 2017

owning my 10 week bump / shopping spree

I know that it is not cool to want maternity clothes before you exit the first tri.  Fashion bloggers humblebrag about still being in pre-preg jeans at week 30, maybe with a band.

That has not been my experience.  I was very anxious about it the first time, resigned the second time, and you know what?  This time I am OWNING IT.  So what if I am more comfortably in stretchy pants by week 10?  

It is what it is.

I am banking on that fact that I didn't really change maternity sizes in either pregnancy (i.e. I wore similar things in week 15 and week 40, particular on the bottom*).  I am also banking on nothing terrible happening**, because yeah - I'm only 10 weeks.  I went to A Pea in the Pod today (non-sponsored, though a discount would have been welcome, dear god) and bought:

- 5 cute shirts
- 1 sleeveless chambray dress
- 1 pair jean shorts that I plan to wear for the entire summer
- 1 pair black jeans (that I will wear to work with maternity tops)
- 1 pair white jeans (that I will also probably wear to work with maternity tops - I think I can get away with it as long as shoes & top are nice)
- 1 pair reg jeans 
- 1 pair black leggings

I had also ordered a couple of tees and 2 pairs of pants from the gap a few days ago (black stretchy slim pants for work + navy blue cuffed cropped chinos).  SO, I think I am set for a while.   The only other thing I want is a couple more flowy dresses.  But I think I will wait on that. 

I will say I am lucky in that FL climate means that I can wear the same stuff year-round (throw a cardigan on top, and you're set for 'winter!'), so there isn't a concern of buying cold-weather clothing later on.  I guess this was another reason I didn't feel totally insane buying an entire wardrobe already.  But I was tired of feeling uncomfortable in non-maternity gear . . . I mean, what is the point?

real bump.  No, it's not big - but it's definitely there and is making all of my normal clothes hideously uncomfortable and unflattering


I am still feeling nauseated and tired, though the nausea may be slightly less 24/7 and the 'tired' seems to be under control as long as I sleep 9-10 hrs/night***.   I miss reading, and consistent workouts, and actually spending any sort of quality time with Josh.  I am currently just kind of . . . getting through each day, doing what absolutely HAS to be done and nothing else.  But admittedly shopping today was pretty fun.  And I treated myself to frozen yogurt afterwards too.  It was a lovely half-day off.

Okay, going to sit & finish watching the Barbie movie with the kids!

* There, I guess that's my pregnancy humblebrag.  

** Though if it does, a blown clothing budget is not going to be what I am sad about, so whatever

*** Hence having essentially no life right now, but hopefully worth it