Tuesday, May 30, 2017

it's a . . . weekend report!


So mayyyyybe just maybe I'm feeling a little better!  I still haven't found the energy to run/work out/do anything reallye, but my nausea is not as constant and distracting.  I am still finding the need to munch on something (typically something carb-y) every couple of hours, but dare-I-say-it -- things are not as consistently bad.  So, yay!  And thank you for all of your support, tips, and love in the last post.

We spent most of the weekend alternatively tiring the kids out and then letting them nap/sleep it off.  Friday was Annabel's pre-K graduation -- bittersweet!  I've gotten to know her class very well over the years (can't say the same for poor C -- sorry dude) and her experience at her school was wonderful.  I'm sad to see so many of the kids part ways -- while a good number of kids are going with Annabel to the local public school, there are many splintering off into various private/religious/other public locations.  Next year is going to be an adventure, for sure.

At graduation

Saturday we had a big family gender reveal, orchestrated by my SIL!  She had the idea to do a gender-revealing cake, seeing as this is likely our LAST BABY (ie last grandchild of Josh's parents) and therefore everyone's last hurrah.  I was hesitant initially (aren't you supposed to be SUPER chill and low key about a 3rd baby?) but then realized it sounded pretty memorable and fun.  And so we did it!  I made sure to get my genetic results first and without any gender info, and when I found out they were normal (WHEW), I had my OB call my SIL.  She kept her lips sealed for 2 days until the family event.  You can view here if you want to witness the drama :)

We all placed bets and the overwhelming number of us felt the icing would be blue, but . . . we were all wrong!  PINK it was, and if all continues to go well we will have a lovely girl-boy-girl sequence!  Annabel was overjoyed, and Cameron thought about it very seriously for about 2 seconds and then surmised . . ."two sisters!".  It was the cutest response ever.

We followed that up with swimming and then BOTH kids proceeded to pass out for a solid 3 hrs.  Annabel rarely naps but apparently this weekend she remembered how.  

How to tire out children, method 1
Sunday was an early bday party at Chuck E Cheese - my first time ever in the establishment.  The party hosts had rented out the whole place and gave out unlimited gaming cards, so the kids had a blast.  We followed this up with a playdate at the beach.  The waves were so calm and the ocean so shallow and clear it felt like the Caribbean, not FL.  Not sure why, but . . .I'll take it.  That night both kids passed out at 7:30 on the way home from dinner.

Method #2
Yesterday, we pretty much repeated this successful formula: birthday party with water play to tire the kids out, epic naps (BOTH again), and a chill night at home.

This weekend was very very different from how we spent Memorial Day last year, celebrating 10 years of marriage with a Michelin-starred meal!  But both were great in their own ways.  It's interesting: I feel like parenthood is something you have to ease into, and we're finally there.  Going from 0-1 kids is such culture shock.  I'm not saying it's bad; it's actually quite wonderful and eye-opening!  But it IS a loss of freedom.  We've settled in now, and I barely remember what that freedom feels like -- and I guess that helps me not miss it so much anymore!  I may not be 100% ready for those toddler days again (ugh, the tedious "take that out of your mouth"/walking & falling phases and that whole inability to reason thing -- not my fave!).  But I'm already fully immersed in . . . this.

And this feels a lot more fun and natural and special than I ever could have imagined.