Monday, March 27, 2017

unplugged report!

Unplugged Weekend Reflections:

Notes from the underground after spending the weekend (Friday PM to Monday AM) disconnected from the internet

1.  The reflex to check my email when I open up my phone is strong.  But it actually is REALLY nice to get a break from those endless updates.

2.  I was definitely more in tune with A&C overall, and I think the total focus helped.  They were really good and fun to be with.

3.  Everything somehow felt less frenetic.  Less multitasking, perhaps?  The day passed more slowly and somehow felt a little more full.

4.  Reading books feels much more rewarding than reading . . . listicles.  Or even checking out links from sites that I like.

5.  It is REALLY healthy for me not to be looking at work email on the weekends.  On the rare instance that my on-call colleague needs me (ie, something important going on with one of my patients), she'll call.  

6.  I am much less likely to SHOP/BUY THINGS when not online!  Duh. 

Honestly, I didn't miss my phone or the internet one bit.  I am even shocked to find that I really don't miss Instagram.  I do feel like there are reasons, in this day and age, to stay connected on social media.  But letting go does provide a very interesting dimension into how NON-essential those connections start to feel when they are gone.  I am not in any way saying I don't love my friends or family members that I was 'seeing' on Instagram.  But maybe I don't need to see as much of everyone else as I thought I did.

Things I did use my phone for:

 - taking pix

- buying movie tickets (not sure if that was 'allowed' but it did make it much easier to check into Beauty and the Beast as a party of 11)

- calling Josh

- logistics texts (no conversational texting though)

- google maps (I use this every day to avoid traffic and it does help)

- playing music (Pheobe Bridgers & Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, on the way to the movie!)



Time spent, according to Moment app, on my phone:  Saturday - 25 minutes; Sunday - 10 minutes

Emails in my inbox on Monday morning:  Home - 47 (very few important); Work - 10 (none important)

Page of books read: Maybe 75?

TV shows watched: 1

Do I want to do this again?  ABSOLUTELY YES.