Friday, January 13, 2017


CHEERS from NC!  Today was so intense, but I'm so glad I did it.  I have to admit I was totally nervous and felt awkward essentially inviting myself (and my colleague) to observe at Duke today.  But I am so glad I got past those feelings and just forced myself to do it, because I feel like it was an incredibly useful experience.  I will be bringing back a ton of fresh ideas on how to better care for our patients, and I don't think I could have learned nearly as much in another less experiential format.  So, yay :)

Visiting Durham is also always fun, too.  I just back from dinner at Rue Cler, a longtime favorite from when we lived there.  AND I got to hang out with my sister (no pix b/c I totally forgot, but it was fun).  I'm about to treat myself to a solid 8 hrs of sleep before heading back home on the early side tomorrow.  And from noon-on I will be instantly OUT of work mode and back to focusing on these 2:

"snow day" at school = fake snow that melts in 2 hours.  But it totally sparks joy while it is there!
(C shown with his aprés-snow hot chocolate)

I totally didn't do my usual weekend plan this weekend.  Also, Josh is on call.  So I "get" to be spontaneous and figure that out as I go along, I suppose.

on the to-do list:
- finishing clinic notes from Thursday (umm . . . during movie night tomorrow?)
- swim class
- ?? children's museum

Hmm.  Will report back on this more spontaneous weekend on Monday -- we'll see how things go!