Saturday, January 07, 2017

the weekend email

I have been asked previously about the 'weekend planning' email I send to Josh every Friday.  Laura Vanderkam recently wrote about planning the weekend as early as a week in advance.   I don't tend to look at the weekend as a whole until closer to Friday.  While I do try to plan our babysitting a month in advance or so (to reserve our favorite babysitter for date nights or other events), the actual piecing together of weekend logistics is reserved for Friday.

SOO - I'll just share what I sent Josh yesterday.  Please note that this may not work for every couple; I know some partners might bristle at being given a plan that they did not have much part in generating.  For us, Josh seems to like it and has even asked for it when I did not send it by late Friday afternoon!  He will often add his own suggestions and then we'll modify it together (example: he picked the movie for tonight & had an idea for friends to meet up with).

Weekend email, sent Friday at ~4pm:
friday night
movie night!

you can sleep in I will get up w/ kids
if you want you can work out in AM too!
zoo IF weather nice - if not, children's museum?
if you need to work can work in afternoon when C naps
6 pm maria comes for babysitting - movie date night :)  and maybe . . .sushi?

i run in the AM
9:40 am / 10 am - swim class
lunch out?  Daily?
PM: I will take Annabel to bday party while Cameron naps
sunday PM I will cook something :) maybe we can see if bebe & poppy want to play for a little bit?

Today's plans are going to depend on the weather.  I'd really like to go to the zoo, but am not pleased about the potential for being caught out there in a storm.  One exciting thing is those LOWS!  I can't wait to do my long run in 50s temps tomorrow.  

Happy weekend . . . we are both off (obviously, from details above!) and I'm excited for the family time!