Sunday, December 25, 2016

happy holidays to all!

I hope anyone reading this today is having a peaceful and wonderful holiday!  We kicked off Hanukkah last night with candles + presents -- A got a Razor scooter, C got some superhero Duplos, and they both got a very cool marble run set (similar) from their aunt/uncle/cousins in New York!  We are planning on 8 nights of presents, but most nights are much smaller/simpler gifts (a book / something to craft with / a tiny outdoor toy / etc).  I am actually pretty pleased with what we got!  We didn't spent a lot of $ and I don't feel like we'll create too much more clutter, but I think they will really enjoy their gifts.  This is the first year that both kids totally get the concept and it's really, really fun.  

I am finishing up my week of call, which will be followed with a) a ~24-hour retreat for planning/adult time and then b) 6 days off home w/ the kids.  I am excited for both!  I may even start some potty training attempts for C . . . maybe . . .

If you maybe don't do much to celebrate the holidays and want some reading/listening material, here are my favorites from last week:

Un-Fancy:  2016 in review

Oliver Burkeman via The Guardian:  Why time management is ruining our lives (very interesting piece!)

All Songs Considered (Podcast): Holiday Extravaganza.  Highlight:  George Winston's "Carol of the Bells"

Getting Things Done (Podcast): Making Change Stick

PS: Yes, I (slightly) updated the blog's template!  Mostly just superficial stuff.  Hoping to do more soon, but figured I might as well at least clean up the color scheme.  I also updated my blogroll to the blogs I actually frequent.  Of note, the ad code is missing (will come back once I troubleshoot).  Feedback welcome :)


  1. Love the update! Happy Hanukkah!

  2. thanks gwinne! this comment will probably disappear after I reinstall IntenseDebate (which will hopefully restore all the old comments!) :)

  3. Hi there Sarah, as who someone else who celebrates a bit of both Christmas and Hanukkah, I'm curious as to how you handle Santa Claus... thanks!

  4. Hi Sarah - we don't do Christmas :) The kids are definitely exposed to it (our nanny celebrates it, so she gives Christmas presents). So I don't have that dilemma! But I can see it would be hard. I guess if it were me I'd probably just honor both traditions and let them believe until they really question things . . .

  5. Anonymous7:00 PM

    I love the new layout even though it's not that different. It looks cleaner for sure. :)

    Also how did I miss that you were Jewish?! Anyway Happy Hanukkah!

  6. Love all of the links, thanks as always for sharing your finds. xo