Tuesday, October 25, 2016

weekly report!

- 5 mi easy run with progression, 10:14/mi ave.  Splits 10:3210:2210:049:1610:57.  Ave HR 165.  79F

T - 30 minute barre3 online weekly workout

W -  5 mi fartlek, 9:21/mi ave.  Splits 9:469:119:019:279:21.  HR ave 173.  77F

R - rest

F - 8 mile long run along boardwalk.  10:18/mi ave.  Splits 10:4110:2510:1010:1510:1410:1510:329:54.  Ave HR 169.  75F

S - 2.75 mi in Austin TX.  9:18/mi ave.  Splits 9:559:158:31.  Ave HR 158.  55F!!!  

S - was supposed to barre3 but did nothing.  

This week I think I made some progress with speed, and that run in Austin is proof to me that some of what has made me soooo slow (and with a lot of effort for my slowness!) is our weather.  Which, by the way, is finally improving!  A breezy October 75F feels much better than the usual humid 79-81F that I ran through all summer.  I am feeling like maybe I will be able to get some speed back after all.  I am starting 'official' training for the Miami Half on 10/31.

M - leftover fried chicken / salad / mac 'n' cheese

T - shrimp, plantains, broccoli

W - tacos

R - tacos in salad form :)

F-S - away in Austin

S - big salad + some random prepared foods from WF 

Sorry, this meal plan isn't going to inspire anyone.  Maybe this week will be better.

Finished Here I Am, onto Today Will Be Different.  (loved the former and loving the latter.  I may be entering a reading renaissance.)

New season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Music - New Bon Iver.  Very interesting, but I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.
Podcast -  Planet Money has been knocking it out of the park lately - I liked their Wells Fargo episode, the Subaru episode, and the story of the inventor/origin of self-checkout.  Bonus: NONE of them are about the election.  Speaking of which, I voted (by mail).  Yay!  Cannot wait until it's over.

Blog posts of note:
Laura Vanderkam's post on Fertility and False Choices.  I'm not sure how I feel about the whole egg-freezing situation, but her post was thought-provoking as always :)

Boho Berry's gorgeous Filofax Bullet Journal -- omg.  I have Filo envy.  (But I'm not going to budge from my Hobonichi ways)


What have you been reading / listening to / eating / kvetching about lately?  Have an idea for another category?  Let me know :)  

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