Friday, October 07, 2016

the calm after the storm

So Hurricane Matthew is essentially over for our area -- and it wasn't bad at all.  We were lucky.  I know it may be much more severe for those to the north (Fl coast, Carolinas) -- for anyone in those areas reading this, I hope it passes through quickly and uneventfully!

Thus far, we still have power -- so grateful.  It's still quite breezy outside, but nothing crazy.  I am even considering a run outside once it is light out.  Last night got quite windy, but I am very happy about how secure our house felt (we have hurricane windows & doors, so  theoretically that should have been expected, but I didn't know!).

Schools however are still closed, as they made that decree on Wednesday.  I guess they didn't want anyone driving in potentially dangerous conditions this morning, though perhaps they are regretting it now.  Thus, A&C have no school.  Our nanny may or may not come in (I am sort of hoping yes though!).  And I have no work, because our office decided to close when the schools decided to close and all patients were already moved.  This sounds great, but a) it's forced vacation (i.e. losing precious vacay days!)  and b) I am totally stressed about where all of these cancelled patients are going to go!  It's going to be a very busy rest of October, I think.  I was supposed to be off next Weds (Yom Kippur) but I think I'm going to have to work to get everyone in.  At least we had a lovely family Rosh Hashanah.

Some things going on:

1) Headspace!  I am so into it.  I'm up to day 19 and have not missed a day since starting.  I love the progression of these 10 minute meditations.  I ended up signing up for full membership (yearly) and I really believe it will be worthwhile for me.

2) Reading.  Well, I am now ~20% through Here I Am.  I really like it a lot so far.  It is amazing how having a book that is really interesting to me draws me to actually read it rather than picking up my phone . . .

3) Running.  I am sticking to my half marathon pre-training schedule but honestly I am frustrated by how SLOWLY I am running lately.  I looked back to last year (because I wanted to blame the heat!) and it wasn't nearly so bad.  I can't figure out what has changed!  Could one year of aging make a big difference!?  Or like, 2-3 lbs!?  My heart rate approaches 190 with even >10:00/mi runs these days.  To the point where I actually wonder if something is wrong with me.  Post-viral stuff lingering for weeks?   I don't know if I've ever had a plateau (or really . . . decline) so pronounced without a clear reason.  I'm running ~20 miles/week which isn't a ton but should be enough to give me at least a modest base.  I'm also doing twice weekly barre workouts for some strength.  I will say that I have not true long runs in a long time.

Last week's training log:
(for accountability & illustrative purposes)
M 4.4 miles average 10:19/mi.  79F.  Max HR was at 187 with much of the last mile over 180.
T rest
W 5.5 miles average 9:59/mi.  73F.  Included 3 miles "tempo" at 9:03 - 9:14/mi.  Heart rate hit 198 during the tempo portion.
R barre3 40 minutes
F 5 mi 10:00/mi.  81F.  HR over 180 for last half of run, up into 190s for significant portions of time.
S barre3 30 minutes
S skipped (oops)

Total = 15 miles + 2x barre3

If any runners have suggestions, I will take them!  I would like to get back to my usual ~9:00/mi "regular run" pace and high 7s-mid 8s for tempo.

4) Kids + Sleep.  A still just seems . . . not tired at 8 pm.  We are trying to get her to stay in her room and play -- she now even has a desk with a little lamp so she can do legos, read, draw.  It is not really working; she is happy to play but wants one of us there too.  I think maybe I will try instituting reading time (for me) in her room while she winds herself down.  That way everyone wins.  I am also eating earlier so that I'm not waiting for her to go to bed to have dinner.  That got waaaay too frustrating lately.


Recent pix:

Posing with OFF on Monday.  Sad but true commentary on our Zika situation.

On the upside, no one got bitten during soccer!  Was so much fun to watch C in action since I don't usually get to see his class (I was off Monday for Rosh Hashanah)

Super into very meticulous coloring lately

Attempt at "Level 10" style list.  This did not really work, I feel like I just ranked everything the same!

This sort of failed too - I tried to make activity cards for A to do yesterday.  She didn't really like being told what to do :)