Friday, September 02, 2016

SEPT GOALS (and an August revisit)

New month.
Old goals :)

Seriously though - I 100% realize that I tend to make a lot of the same goals -- especially habit declarations -- from month to month.  I used to find this frustrating.  Currently, I'm fine with it.  There are certain areas of my life that just tend to do better with continued attention on them.  Areas where, if I just went into Auto mode, things would not go well.  These areas include use of free snippets of time, eating habits, and use of time in the evenings (when my resolve is always lowest).

A brief review of August's goals:

1) No S -- yep, left that behind once again.  I did finally start eating better after the great air conditioner disaster was over.   I just don't like RULES when it comes to eating!  I am a true moderator in this realm (and in general) -- I know this.  But I still get tempted by the idea of them.

2) Take intentional breaks -- maybe.  But still more scrolling than I would like.

3) Read every day -- NO, total fail.  I am in a major reading slump!  I even have a book club session coming up and will probably bail because I have not even started the book.  Agh.  I miss reading.

4) Try for 10,000 steps/day.  Ahhh, that magic number . I always surpass it by a nice margin on running days.  And I almost never reach it on non-run days!  I am not sure if I care.

5) Meditate daily -- I meditated 12 times in August.

6) Continue pushups/running/barre -- I did 9 pushup sessions, 5 barre workouts (oops), and 13 runs.  Derailed by sickness in early August, then the week of craziness with the A/C.  Sept will be MUCH better as I have been dedicated to my pre-training schedule since last week.  Although I'm pretty proud to have gotten to the pushups 9 times!

7)  Be present in evenings.  I do feel like I have been better w/ this, particularly the hours with the kids.

8) Get to know 2 new albums - nope.  But I did listen to a lot of music on music podcasts like Sound Opinions & All Songs Considered.

9) Skincare -- barely at all.  Even though it feels so nice when I take the time to go through my routine of cleanse / toner / serum.  TONIGHT = MASK.

10) Cook Sunday dinners at home -- I think I did . . . once.  But we were pretty social on Sunday nights, and often at other people's houses or out.  This month I am determined!

Wow, in retrospect that month was really rough.  I actually think that given the circumstances I weathered (ha, pun sort of intended?) things fairly well.  I have high hopes though for this month -- I LOVE the start of the school year, and the idea of fall (forget about fall weather down here -- it doesn't hit until December), and I think things are going to just work a bit better!  Here's to reading, blog posts, longer nights, and longer runs.  Happy SEPTEMBER!