Wednesday, August 31, 2016

back to school!

It's here:  back-to-school!!!  One of my favorite times of year.  A new start AND an excuse to buy school supplies* = essentially my idea of heaven.  

Cameron has entered full-time preschool -- in the 2s class.  Annabel is in Pre-K, which sounds incredibly official and old to me, even though it's not.  They are both attending from 9am - 2 pm every day, with Cameron's nap moving from home to the classroom.  

Josh and I did the first drop-off and it went really well -- much better than expected, honestly, because I thought C would cry!  But he did attend camp for most of the summer at the same place, so maybe it was just familiar enough.  I am not sure that School Nap is going quite as well, though.

This feels like a big transition, and as might be expected, they are exhausted.  But I think they are having fun during the days.   

No homework yet.  And hopefully none until next year!  

We still have our nanny full time.  I have to leave well before school opens for drop-off, and typically Josh does too.  And there are 9423 days off on their school's calendar.   So, it makes sense.   She is going to do some more household things during the hours that they are in school -- basically do what I would do if I were home all day.  But this still feels like a big change.  They are still so little but . . . they are growing up.

Other changes:  they are sleeping later.  Both of them have been going past 7 am fairly regularly for a few weeks now.  It's glorious!  I've been able to get my workouts in before they are awake most days. Of course, this is mostly because they go to bed later (especially A).  C right now is exhausted at 7:30 pm (b/c his nap is much shorter at school) but A is usually up until 8:30 pm.  This works well for me:  I would rather have more time with the kids in the evenings and mornings to myself.  

SOOO, I feel even more motivated to find some fun activities for evenings. Right now they are on a kick of printing out pages to color and then coloring them with colored pencils.  (C scribbles, A does thoughtful color schemes and meticulously stays within the lines).

A&C are both doing gymnastics, A is doing ballet, C is doing soccer (maybe A too if she wants to join -- she did it last year but I think it's probably too much!), and A is going to start piano.   I think it's going to be a fantastic year.

September goals coming tomorrow!  For now . . . time to barre3.

post on my planner Instagram (shubox_plans) that resonated with a lot of people

practicing gymnastics: crab walk

* 2017 Hobonichi Store opens TOMORROW!  Or more specifically, tomorrow in Japan and 10 pm EST tonight :)  I'm still debating covers & avec cousin vs full year.  Decisions, decisions!